BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

I feel very lucky to be a part of the BLF Manker A6 GB that Bugsy36, et all have produced, and want to thank them for all the effort that went into making that light happen. I am new to collecting flashlights and I am now in the mood for a budget thrower like the Courui D01. Before I buy one, I thought I might ask if it would be possible for BLF to again work magic and develop a light with our specs, driver, etc and create a budget big head thrower? If so, I would totally wait while something like that was developed.

Is something like this possible, or am I overlooking what it would take to make something like this?


I’m in for the BLF SE Courui D01 Thrower!

Please make mine in XP-L HI (3A tint) with the same driver used in the A6/X6 group buys. - I dunno if that’s possible with the side E/Switch??? - Whatever, as long as it Throoooows!

The biggest problem with the stock light is the 2A draw - A Big Beautiful Beast like that at 2A? - That SUCKS!

Yeah, I could probably practice Ruining things for a year or two and then Mod my own, but I’m Old and will probably forget what it is I’m supposed to be learning long before my training period is up:-(

I’m the Proud new owner of a MicroBlueBear K40M, and it could really, really use a Throw-Buddy!

Thanks for considering this, O’ Nobel Ones that have the power to bring things to pass…


I would want the convoy L2

Courui D1 with xpg or xpl hi on copper,a bit thciker base for the led pcb,with DD drive (2-3 modes are enough) ,better anodize threats on the battery tube and if possible another switch.

a dream would be a spacer kit for using kaidomain big reflector.

DITTO! :wink: Cobalt Blue L2! :bigsmile:

But really I would want to slow down in the group buys hahaha it’s like a constant leech on my wallet zzz

The L2 is certainly a nice light, but fix this Courui D01 up right and with it’s larger reflector it will out-throw the L2.


What really would be nice is a BLF version of the Jacob A60 that is discontinued but still very much in demand, wthout the drawbacks:

-50+ mm aluminium reflector

-single 18650

-XP-L Hi or dedomed XP-G2

-standard body, such as the X6 or A6, with thrower head

-FET driver, (and why not the BLF A6 driver)

Problem with the Courui’s is quality, out of the (6) I have, only (3) I would call decent? The Grey Courui’s were better? Convoy quality is legendary! JMHO.

Convoy L2 XHP35 by Manker.

We could ask Manker what they could do for us EDIT: they dropped the ball on the SE A6…. If we are going to do a group design/group buy they have been awesome on the SE A6 (until production happened). Perhaps see if they can clone the Courui and give us what we want?

Though I love to say Courui… BLF big headed thrower has a nice ring to it as well….

XP-L HI is easier than a factory dedome, definitely on copper DTP. I would want a reflector thrower, I have not yet begun to get into the “lens” lights…

I like a multiple side by side 18650; dual, triple, quad doesn’t matter as long as it is not long….

The A6 driver is good, but there is a member here working on the other Atiny chips that have thermal step down available as well as much more programming room…. That could be a very nice feature….

EDIT: What would be very cool would be a matching Mini version in 14500 or 10440, you said dream right?

You talking about THIS one? Then perhaps we should start designing around something like this and have a goal…. Say 1000 meters for the beam?

ReManG said: “Though I love to say Courui… BLF big headed thrower has a nice ring to it as well….”

YES! - A BLF Big-Head Manker Courui!

That’s Perfect!

L2 is nice, but when it comes to a BLF SE THROWER - Go BIG or Go Home!

Thanks guys,

I have a ringy Jacob A60, so would prefer a BLF SE Courui!!!

Finally a small version of C8 style with AA/14500 that’s right!!!
Or simpy a small Corui (with dual switch) always in AA/14500….I like so much!!!

C’mon proud guys of BLF, make this dream happen!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Oh I would totally be in for a BLF SE Big head thrower, especially in the size and form factor of the Courui D01! I was going to buy a D01 and mod it, but a BLF edition would be better!

keep it triple 18650, push it to 4.0A, two-modes or so would be fine on the driver… XPL-HI or de-domed XP-G2 on copper for sure… 300k candela reaching out to 1000 meters…

But remember, we’d want to keep this a BUDGET light… stock D01 is about $35… not sure we could or would want to push the price on this past $50 or so.

I’m in, great idea. I also like my throwers with 2 modes, just high and turbo.

Personally I would not be very interested in a big light, but in a small and lightweight light, so 3x18650 is too chunky. For me a maximal driven 1x18650 big reflector thrower would be preferred.

I agree with djozz. I am a 1x18650 fan and don’t like big multi-cell lights.

+1 for the BLF Big Head Thrower! With 4x18650 configurable in 2S2P or 4 in parallel as user desires.

Make my Courui D01 with a XP-L HI on a copper DTP MCPCB, a copper pill, tail switch lockout, battery tube extended for 2S3P and Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector.

While I don’t like carrying big multi-cell lights much, I love using them. They work for me for camping or hiking as long as I’m taking a bag along anyway.

My friend was dumbfounded when we were camping and able to light up trees half a mile across the lake without the need for binoculars with a couple of my throwers. That was during the blue moon on a cloudless night, so there was a lot of ambient moonlight even. There’s just something hugely impressive about that kind of range.