Code now public! BLF A6 FET+7135 Light. Short 18350 tubes and Unanodized Lights Available

You could also re flash it to a level you like, the programmer and cable can be had for under $20, ToyKeepers code is available and easy to tweak.

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Are you thinking of the girlfriend approved shirt??

I vote 100,000+ for that.

Can we get a small “girlfriend-approved” at the bottom of the back?

Sold out! - GBGB: BLF-348 - Classy and Small 1xAAA Stainless Steel light, with Nichia NVSW219B-V1 R9050 post #90 and 91

Any rough idea of the price of the shirt? Can’t believe I’m thinking of going for one! :smiley:

I’d buy a shirt. Rocks

samsung INR18650 25r is this battery comparable or equal to samsung 30Q for performances at high?

The 30Q is its successor. So the 30Q should be even a bit better.

“BLF is you.
Start a thread and make it happen.”

Won’t those lights do the same, except with more throw?

LOL! little did wight know that his name would expand to ledboards as well, and soon it will be all over all kinds of chinese flashlight clones as a proof of quality. :bigsmile:

(he might actually be worried about this)

Nice competition! (but I'm scared of video camera's :sad: ) But it will be fun to watch the entries :-) .

And jay, thanks bugsy for the T-shirt effort, I'll be in!

Next thing you know…

“ALEXWELLS Style Direct Copper Thermal Ultra Bright CREE XP-L LED C8 Flashlight”

Datasheet and all…

Received today, Niceeeee!
I think I need one unit more…

about tint 5A of my unit:

with battery Panasonic NCR18650B

left tint looks better

I ran one of my lights on turbo then allowed it to step down to high, tail standing for approximately 10 mins. The light was toasty, but not too hot to hold. I noticed that the driver worked fine in forward mode, but would not reverse. No matter how long I tapped it off, the only way to change the output of the light was to short tap forward to the next mode. Once the light cooled down a little, it would again reverse with a medium tap.

I also have found that programming mode groups, or mode memory is a little more exacting than I expected. After the two flashes I have to turn it off very quickly to get it to change modes. If I wait a little after the two flashes, but before the next two flashes to turn it off, the modes do not change.

Regardless of these two behaviors, I love this driver and the UI! It is far superior to anything else I have used.

You need to turn it off between the two flashes to toggle that option.

Well when I saw the beginnings of this last year. I knew it was going to be something special. That could be a pun, it could be reality. I have to say to all of those involved in bringing this little beast to life, THANK YOU! You folks did a wonderful job. I don’t know of a light for this price that has this much thought, planning, testing and talk involved in its creation. I can tell you this, it shows. Even the box screams awesome.
Once you open the box, the first thing you notice is some killer knurling on a budget light. I mean wow! It feels like it would velcro to your fingers!
I have yet begun to really play with all the features. I wanted to see what it was like in its stock config out of the box. What would the average person who grabbed the light and slammed a battery in it think? So thats what I did. Then, when I got done, I can happily report to you: THIS LIGHT IS THE BEST VALUE IN LIGHTS EVER CREATED TO THIS POINT!
It feels solid, the rear click is firm and feels great! The aluminum feels very solid. The light output is super impressive! I would have no problem putting the fit and quality of this light up against lights that sell for three times as much.
I like the UI with the reverse feature. This is almost ingenious. You can go from Moon mode to Turbo just by doing the reverse trick. No need to cycle through the modes. Mode spacing is flawless to me. I usually hate lights with tons of modes. However, the UI on this jewel solves that. I may actually leave it in the stock UI config. That would be a first for me! lol

Anyways, to all those involved in this process, you folks did a spectacular job! Thank you!

I have been looking into this, but not for this driver…

Would you have any sources?


Oh no, I never ignore help. The tube doesn’t seem to be the issue because I put it on the working light and it worked just fine.

Hi Forum - how can I get one of them? Where can I get the code for the Manker A6?

Thanks for your help!

PM OP, he will send you coupon code for Banggood.