Code now public! BLF A6 FET+7135 Light. Short 18350 tubes and Unanodized Lights Available


The discount code is GBLFA6SE

This is the Banggood page where you can purchase the BLF A6.

Production is in high gear until interest slows and then that will be all they make. Buy them while they are available!

***For those interested in an unanodized version see ToyKeeper's thread HERE

***For those interested in shortened tubes for 18350 see RemanG's thread HERE

***For those that need assistance with troubleshooting and fixes you can also look HERE

*** All updates to OP are at the end of this post but ABOVE the interest list.

I like easy to carry tube lights. One of my favorites is the new model designated the A6 and comes with a an XPL emitter, 2.8A 4-mode driver. The BLF version of the A6 is here or use this link -

What I am proposing, if it can be done, is to have Banggood manufacture us a BLF Edition with a A17DD-SO8 driver

(designed by our own Wight). The idea behind using that driver is that it can drop right in because it is single-sided and we can eliminate the moon vs amps debate as well as it will give the many the ability to change mode levels to suit.

Proposed specs (see below for final specs and price)

  • XPL emitter in CW and NW tint
  • Copper mcpcb
  • A17DD-SO8 driver (already approved by wight) Now the A17DD-SO8 driver +1 7135 driver
  • 7 modes with stepdown at high (no blinky) and of course the lowest possible low
  • AR Glass (I remember reading that it already comes with it but I cannot find that reference again)
  • BLF-SE engraving (subject to Kronos' approval)
  • Guessing that approximate cost would be $22-$23

Unfortunately to pull this off would not be quite as easy as it sounds. In order to achieve this we would need:

  • Quantity of 200 to get the engraving (probably not so hard)
  • Quantity of 500 to get the copper without increasing cost (500 is the minimum run Maxtoch will do for mcpcb and if true to form this unit should have 16mm mcpcb). Less is possible but cost will increase.

My math that inspired me to attempt this group buy:

BLF 17DD Diver from RMM w/ options ~$14.25

Noctigon 16mm Driver from RMM ~$1.99

Subtotal parts 16.24 plus shipping plus cost of flashlight (EE A6 ~$19) = $35.24 +/- vs GB of $22-$23 (or even less if we can get the same success of the X6-SE)

To me that is a huge savings.


12/31/14: Was informed that EE WILL indeed use the A17DD-SO8 driver if we can get enough interest to move this thing forward. Also have lights on the way to test with the A17DD-SO8 driver so everybody can see what the driver truly is capable of. FYI - I know it sounds like I am hyping this driver but I would not be so excited about this driver of I did not think it or see that it was capable.

1/6/15: Stock lights are on the way to be modified with Wight's driver so that this light/driver combination can be tested and demonstrated. The actual production run (light and driver) will be by EE Manker. The A17DD-SO8 driver will not be manufactured for sale separately nor does anybody have permission to do so except by individuals for personal use. (The A17DD-SO8 driver will be available in the future from RMM's store:

I would really like to know if this is possible and if there is any interest please post here.

1/7/15: There are 4 main things that separate this from a stock Eagle Eye A6

  • BLF Logo
  • The A17DD-SO8 driver
  • Copper for the emitter
  • User's ability to flash firmware

1/20/15: Samples arriving. Preliminary results are good. See post #304 and beyond for DBCstm's tests. The below numbers are with no spring bypasses, just the A17DD-SO8 driver and copper star.

Stock numbers with factory driver

Numbers with A17DD-SO8 driver over 5 amps!! (Post# 326)

1/26/15: I have been working like crazy so I did not have the opportunity to swap the driver and the emitter in my sample until tonight.

Wow! Even with a laptop pull this light blows everything away!!Throw a 25R in there and this thing shoots the moon

The beam profile, even though it is subjective to the individual, is fantastic. Not a flood but definitely a large spot with a nice spill. Sort of what I would like to see possible but not with a triple. It is not a thrower like the LS D80 Kronos is working on but I never expected it to be either. I can still light things up several houses away :)

The Xiaozhi styled tube/barrel feels real good in the hand and something else that is welcomed is the deep scallops that allow you to get to the switch (sometimes I have to wear heavier mechanics gloves at work vs surgical styled gloves)...and this thing still tail stands.

The driver, as it is and I requested be setup at the moment, has 7 nicely spaced levels that run from the lowest low (battery dependent) to all out (again battery dependent). You can refer to the OP for the link to Dale's numbers. I have yet had the opportunity to take my measurements but just by the output visible to the eye Dale's numbers are spot on.

Where we currently stand on progress is as follows:

  • Waiting on samples for others (aside from Dale and myself) that got tied up in shipping :(
  • Have another person on the team that is experimenting with code and UI's and attempting to get the most reliable low (or moon) possible
  • When the UI is finalized by the team we will ask Banggood to manufacture samples there and send them (they have a holiday coming so things will get slow on communication)

Everything so far is going as planned and expected and very well may end being not only a great light in BLF tradition but also the most versatile light available. :) Many many thanks to the team working hard on this behind the scenes, and of course all BLF'ers for the support!

2/2/15: 303 units!!!

As mentioned before, the review team is working on the A17DD-SO8+1 7135 driver and its firmware and it is sounding very promising :) After PM'ing with Banggood tonight we can all expect to see production samples after the Chinese holiday.

2/22/15: The waiting for the holiday to finish is killing me. LOL. I am not sure if everyone in China returns to work on the 23rd or the 27th.

Right now we are up to 382 units. I really do not think getting to the 500 is going to be an issue and I feel real confident in that. If the driver with the +1 7135 can be manufactured without any issue, and the production samples are as expected/required, this GB should start to move a bit quicker.

Thanks to everybody for their patience! :)

3/12/15: Driver files, firmware, and parts list are in the hands of EE. I am assuming that they need to source parts and speak with a driver manufacturer.

3/18/15: Spoke with Banggood about status for production samples. EE still trying to work out logistics of manufacturing the driver.

3/30/15: Received a pm today/last night from Banggood. Driver has been built by Eagle Eye (I believe it is the +1 7135) but they have some questions. Not sure as to what the questions are but hope that they are questions that the group (less Wight at the moment :( ) can answer. Hopefully we will have more info ASAP but at least it looks good that Eagle Eye and Banggood are actually working on it.

5/15/15: Samples have arrived! At the moment they are en-route to Dale for further scrutiny....and then to the rest of the group.

What can I say. It is bright as hell! Wight's +1 7135 driver seems to be working great (as manufactured by them). TK's UI is great too. These samples are with the UI that requires soldering the bottom star for memory. I did not solder mine before I sent it of. Therefore it starts on moon every time. All of you moon lovers will be happy to know that at first I thought the light was not working. I think many will be happy with how low this thing can get. Definitely no burning of any pocket. LOL. I also think that many may go for TK's 4-mode option, unless they use the modes to compensate for battery drain (which I often do at work). Another cool thing for you 2-mode people is that with TK's back up feature it is easy to go from Moon to High without all of the modes

That is all from me. You all will have to wait until this weekend to hear from Dale (if he is available), and the remainder of the group will have theirs next week.

The steps are small but the motion is forward. Everybody's patience is greatly appreciated!

As soon as we hear more news it will be posted here immediately :)

5/25/15: Below you will see the description of the fantastic UI by ToyKeeper

BLF EE A6 firmware (Click HERE for more detail)


The interface is as follows:

(see blf-a6-ui.png for a quick start)

While off:

- Fully click and release to turn the light on. It will go to the first mode or the last-used mode, depending on whether you enabled mode memory.

While on:

- Short tap: Do a short (less than 0.5s) half-press to go forward to the next mode.

- Med tap: Do a medium (0.5s to 1.5s) half-press to go backward to the previous mode.

- Long tap: Do a long (longer than 1.5s) half-press to reset to the first mode (if mode memory is turned off).

- Or fully click and release to turn the light off.

Hidden modes:

- Go backward from moon to access the hidden modes. They are, in order:

- Turbo (just like the regular turbo)

- Tactical strobe (10 Hz)

(or 2-level stutter beacon, if compiled with that option)

- Battery check / beacon mode

(each blink represents about 25% of a full charge)

Configuration options:

- Ground pin 3 of the MCU to enable mode memory. This can often be done by soldering a star on the spring side of the

driver, if your driver supports that. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to make a solder bridge from pin 3 (mode mem toggle) to pin 4

(ground). Or even just wedge a piece of metal between the two pins.

- Short tap rapidly a bunch of times (15+ taps, or until the light stops turning on) to enter soft config mode.

With the default build, this only has one option (mode group), and it will toggle that option each time config mode is entered. It will then

blink, pause, and return to regular operation with the new settings.

Or if you rebuild the source and enable more than one soft config option, the way it works is the light will blink twice for each

option. Turn the light off between the two blinks to toggle that option. The options are whichever ones you enable.

The available options are:

- Mode group: 7 modes or 4 modes:

Group 1: moon, low, med1, med2, high1, high2, turbo Group 2: low, med, high, turbo

- Mode memory toggle (disabled in default build, use pin 3 instead)

Other details to note:

- Low-voltage protection will progressively step down the output at

about 2.8V, and the light will shut itself off when it gets below 2.7V.

- The default turbo step-down is 30 seconds.

- When turbo steps down to high, a short tap will push it back up to turbo or a medium tap will step down further, *even if you got to turbo

by going backward from moon*. The step-down effectively moves it from the "hidden" turbo back to the non-hidden turbo.

- A short tap from any hidden mode will return to the lowest mode.

Compared to other commercially-available lights (especially budget lights), this light is unique or groundbreaking in several ways:

- First BLF light with our own custom driver.

- First BLF light with our own custom firmware.

- First special-edition with a direct-drive FET, so it has the brightest turbo mode you can get.

- First special-edition with a regulated lower-power second channel for stable and efficient low modes.

- True moon mode.

- Up to 1600 lumens from a single emitter in a small tube light (with the right battery, and a spring bypass mod). Closer to 1200-1300

lumens with no mods and lower-amp batteries.

- User-toggle-able mode memory.

- User-toggle-able mode groups.

- Well-spaced visually-linear output modes.

- Includes some hidden modes for those who want them.

- Battery check mode!

- First clicky-switch stock light with both forward and backward mode navigation in a single tap (short/medium press).

- With mode memory off, the user can access 4 different modes (including the highest and lowest) within 1 second.

- Fast PWM so the pulsing won't be visible.

- The firmware and the driver designs are available for anyone who wants to modify them.


Here is the update til now.

  • Looking at 2 manufacturers for this light. EE and brand X
  • Trying to come up with clip for light. EE may be able to use X6 tube with clip and brand X is looking to see if deep carry clip can be made.
  • EE had better driver with single FET but problems on low mode. We think we know why and new samples have been made where if I understand correctly this time they have used Wight's schematic exactly. Banggood will be contacting EE to get the samples.
  • Brand X sent samples with different drivers. We did not like those drivers because Dale's tests show inefficiency where there are greater amps but fewer lumens. Allegedly new drivers are being manufactured so we are waiting to see what happens there.

We all know EE and like what EE has but EE was taking way too long to give the needed attention. My patience gave way and that is when we started talking to brand X. Brand X responded immediately and produced samples within two weeks and is even trying to manufacture a clip for us. As it stands for now...this next round of samples may be the last and deciding round. Just as a note, this time it took EE only two weeks to get something together.


All samples that we will be receiving have been shipped and this should be the final round. For now we are at the mercy of shippers.

I think that the drivers are going to be where we need them and we are pretty much assured that we are getting a clip. It will also be packaged in a BLF box. In speaking with Banggood it looks like we may get this into production in the next couple of weeks, if not sooner. Many many thanks to ToyKeeper, Dale, Kronos, Wight, and Neal (Banggood) for all of their personal effort that has been put forth to make this a reality!


Drivers from Brand X are here. Currently in the hands of TK and Dale for testing to ensure what is. So far they look good. Also waiting for samples to arrive from EE BUT no idea as to when they might arrive. Brand X is also the company has the deep carry clip, while EE does not.

I will see what tomorrow brings and reveal who Brand X is.


Brand X is........


Way back when I started to get real frustrated with getting the original samples we went on hunt for a manufacturer that would be willing to listen to what we wanted AND provide the exact same. At that time EE caught wind and started to get on the ball but still difficult to communicate with.


The biggest exterior difference is that Manker made a deep carry clip just for us and manufactured an A6 host to fit it because the standard A6 does not have a clip slot whatsoever. Manker will also allow us to order "naked" lights for those that want.

EE will substitute the A6 tube for an X6 tube...which is ok but "just ok" for and EDC in my opinion. I carry my F30 regularly and I do not like that it rides as high as it does with teh standard X6 clip....but that is me.

Inside....drivers are now manufactured the way we want. Manker's first sample had a two FET's....junk. EE sent samples with a single FET which was ok but not quite cigar ready in the efficiency department. EE also sent a 2 FET sample like Manker....junk too.

Manker samples we have and seem to be working although Dale's acted a bit wierd...TK's was perfect. It is enroute to TK now for neuro surgery Then EE samples as of now are MIA. For a fact they were sent but either customs is holding the container or the USPS has misplaced them - dunno.

Maker is anxious to get the ball rolling - hosts, clip, driver. Just waiting to see what happens with TK and Dale and hopefully the EE samples and we will be ......ready for it....sit down everybody >>>>>>>> DONE!!!


See post 2465 for pics of Manker deep Carry clip and host


I revisited the LED tints with Neal. We are being offered a 5A tint. We need to know how many are interested in that tint...especially in comparison to a 3C. Keep in mind that the light has AR glass and this tint may negate the unwelcome shift that occurs with 3C and AR glass.

I need immediate input from our member please so that we can get this out ASAP.


Let me start out by saying that I had nothing to do with the availability of tint choices :) That credit goes TK, Dale, JohnnyMac, and of course Steve. My original request was 1A and 3C. Thanks to the people really doing the work the options are 1A, 5A, and 3D! I do not know what the bins are and I did request the V6 where possible but I will ask just so everyone knows but not that we can do anything to change anything :)

As of now..there are 1000 units slated for production. I do not know if more will be produced unless there is an immediate need or demand. In other words...after the buying slows down the production will stop and only what inventory is available will be available. It will not be re-introduced unless there is a super-serious demand. On the other hand Manker and Banggood may, and are free to do so, introduce a stock unit with these specs. Don't know so can't say.

Here's the status on production...

  • The first 350 units are 1A. They should be ready sometime next week or the following Monday.
  • The next 150 units are 5A. They should be ready about the same time with the 1A.
  • After that there is another 500 3D. They are about 10 days behind due to the availability of copper.

It really has not been decided about the codes yet. I honestly do not know how to implement them other than just pm codes to the people that put their names on the list BUT that does not give any control over quantity ordered or sharing the code, etc. etc. To me it does not matter because even though they are staring with 1000 units they will produce 10,000 if the demand is there SO EVERYBODY WILL GET THEIR LIGHT(S). I will let the group decide how they would like that to be handled.

What I want to avoid is: "I ordered my light yesterday and it still hasn't shipped", "It has been 4 weeks and I still do not have it", etc. etc. If they run out of a certain tint they will make more, period. There will be a delay but that can be expected. PayPal gives us 6 months protection so I do not want to see people jumping the gun because they may be out of stock for a week.

My original intent was to get us a light mass produced with Wight's driver. Of course Dr. Frankendale showed us the possibilities. Then along comes this sorceress named ToyKeeper that showed Dr. Frankendale that she too can do cool things with lights. The rest is history. A truly custom light was born!

I am amazed by the amount interest in this GB as well as appreciative of everybody's patience.

I think I have everything


Finally!! :) It has been a long road to get here. I never knew there was that much involved in putting together a custom light :) This light is like no other budget light in existence and made specifically for us at BLF with components and firmware developed by BLF members. Throughout the process we listened and asked for improvements AND we got them. A couple examples are 1) The deep carry clip and 2) Instead of just DTP copper for the emitter this is genuine Noctigon. We even convinced the manufacturer to give us 3 tints. Of course 1A for the coolest max lumens possible, but also 3D instead of the usual green 3C and even 5A.

I thank everyone for their patience and support and a special thanks to our very own sorceress ToyKeeper (but in reality an angel in disguise!), Dr. FrankenDale aka Dale or DB Custom, Kronos aka Kronological, RemanG, JohnnyMac, and even Neal at Banggood (the list is too long to keep typing LOL)

Final Specs:

  • XPL emitter in 1A, 3D, and 5A tints
  • Up to 1600 lumens depending on battery used and spring bypass
  • Noctigon Copper mcpcb
  • A17DD-SO8 driver +1 7135 driver(FET for direct drive of upper upper and 7135 for regulation of lower modes)
  • TK UI made by our own ToyKeeper (see some features) (Click HERE for more operation detail)
    • User selectable 4 or 7 evenly modes (Moon to High)
    • Reversing feature
    • Moon capable
    • Hidden blinking modes (inlcuding strobe and bike mode)
    • Hidden battery check
    • Low voltage protection
    • User selectable mode memory (always starts on Moon without mode memory but easily reverses to Turbo with a click)
    • Fast PWM for lower regulated modes
  • AR Glass
  • OP reflector
  • Deep Carry pocket clip
  • BLF-SE engraving
  • HAIII Anodizing
  • Packaged in a gift box
  • Total Cost $25.00

A word of warning. This light is and only will be available at Banggood. No other reseller will have access to this light. Any claims or advertisements that another retailer has these can be assumed to false and the product to be counterfeit. This light will be available to those on the list and while there is demand. Once demand wanes this light will no longer be available except for Banggood's remaining inventory.


Posted by Neal @ Banggood in post #3200:

Hello everyone,

The A6 are in engraving Logo,

1A 333 and 5A 167.

I test the lights, the drivers works perfect. and I think the drivers are the best I have seen.

Thanks Selene,Dale and Alex(wight) !!!

3D copper will be arrival this Wednesday and they should be finished this week.

I'm playing the light now and it makes me crazy!!!

Thanks for George,Steve,John,Selene,Dale and Alex(wight) and other members who join this project



Links to pics


For those that are having issues with their light, you can use this email address:

That is directly to Neal's assistant. They will help us get any problems ironed out.
Those that are having problems with DOA and have to excessively tighten the tailcap....according to Manker the tube is too short. Replacement tubes will be sent to whomever has this issue.

This and any problems need to be reported to Neal's assistant.

You can use this email address:

Interest List:

  1. Bugsy36
  2. Bugsy36
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  5. Wedlpine CW
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  7. Raccoon City
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  290. Nbabu NW
  291. Mhanlen NW
  292. Seben CW
  293. Seben NW
  294. Scdaf NW
  295. DavidEF CW
  296. DavidEF NW
  297. Processengr CW
  298. Borisbar NW
  299. Billy x CW
  300. Tryps NW
  301. Tryps NW
  302. Mike72 NW
  303. Mike72 NW
  304. Mxdan NW
  305. Joat NP
  306. Joat NP
  307. Angel Martinez NW
  308. Saigon NW
  309. Halo NW
  310. WhitedragonBC NW
  311. Siata94 NW
  312. Hagg911 CW
  313. Hagg911 CW
  314. Fantomr NW
  315. Uqs1000 CW
  316. Uqs1000 NW
  317. Tapir CW
  318. Kodachrome40 CW
  319. Logindetails NW
  320. Logindetails CW
  321. CW
  322. Plato NW
  323. Cliwilnew NW
  324. Cliwilnew CW
  325. Frankie Baby NW
  326. Frankie Baby CW
  327. Ray-o-light NW
  328. Kurt_norway CW
  329. Kurt_norway CW
  330. M4d m4x NW
  331. Presterjohn NW
  332. Seepeli NW
  333. Penumbra CW
  334. Hell2pay NW
  335. Hell2pay NW
  336. Hell2pay NW
  337. Hell2pay NW
  338. Rolz NW
  339. Zeremefico NW
  340. Prodal NW
  341. Cybertek NW
  342. Ronmuller NW
  343. Beam0 NW
  344. Will Manners NW
  345. Flomotion NW
  346. One41 CW
  347. One41 CW
  348. Richnpc CW
  349. Xp-r NW
  350. Xp-r NW
  351. Skippey NW
  352. Southcovekayak NW
  353. Southcovekayak CW
  354. M4d m4x CW
  355. Will Manners NW
  356. Will Manners NW
  357. Devman NW
  358. Devman CW
  359. Mfruit NW
  360. Caffeine_addict NW
  361. Caffeine_addict NW
  362. Ramblings CW
  363. Ramblings NW
  364. Streamer NW
  365. Pokemonrules NW
  366. G_sintornillos NW
  367. Cnrffl1 NW
  368. Seasam NW
  369. G0ose CW
  370. Xp-r NW
  371. Henk4u2 CW
  372. Hairy_Steve NW
  373. Bdivi NW
  374. Carmantl NW
  375. Carmantl CW
  376. Johnlate NW
  377. Vene67 NW
  378. Velectron NW
  379. Velectron NW
  380. Kickthecan NW
  381. Down_south NW
  382. Stefan NW
  383. Nclce5 NW
  384. Ackattacker NW
  385. Raygunz CW
  386. Modulor NW
  387. Rs4ever CW
  388. Rs4ever NW
  389. S1m888 CW
  390. Mizjif NW
  391. Shimey NW
  392. SciFiFreak NW
  393. Processengr NW
  394. Tommswpa CW
  395. Tommswpa NW
  396. Colliedoggy CW
  397. Xzel87 NW
  398. Alexey602 NW
  399. Alexey602 NW
  400. Colliedoggy NW
  401. Rs4ever CW
  402. Rs4ever NW
  403. Xzel87 NW
  404. Vladraq NW
  405. Gorky CW
  406. Gorky CW
  407. Lionheart_2281 NW
  408. Level CW
  409. Davx CW
  410. Gtsuperheroes CW
  411. Will34 CW
  412. P moore NW
  413. P moore CW
  414. Compression CW
  415. Compression NW
  416. Fragolino NW
  417. Ormbett NW
  418. Wobba NW
  419. Lab NW
  420. Manxbuggy1 NW
  421. Phatster NW
  422. Southland CW
  423. Southland CW
  424. Tristanxoxo CW
  425. Electroman187 NW
  426. Aznsw1mr NW
  427. Nitro NW
  428. Khas NW
  429. Khas NW
  430. Dmytro.shym NW
  431. A_idiot NW
  432. A_idiot CW
  433. Kiukas NW
  434. Kiukas CW
  435. Martini NW
  436. CircaM CW
  437. Jvarn81 NW
  438. Kbreeze NW
  439. Lux NW
  440. Scififreak NW
  441. Jamio NW
  442. Kensington CW
  443. Kensington NW
  444. Kensington NW
  445. Zipelgas NW
  446. JohnnyMac NW
  447. Antenne NW
  448. Johnnyc NW
  449. Zra NW
  450. Dsiddens NW
  451. Dsiddens NW
  452. J-dub74 NW
  453. Locusto03 NW
  454. Dantemens NW
  455. Chuckhov NW
  456. Chuckhov CW
  457. Brjones NW
  458. Kbro NW
  459. Nofear87 CW
  460. Xelario NW
  461. Thatdumbuser NW
  462. J-dub74 NW
  463. E10sno NW
  464. Mosesm NW
  465. Suncoaster NW
  466. Acmech CW
  467. Acmech NW
  468. Mauison NW
  469. Southland NW
  470. Southland NW
  471. Southland NW
  472. Southland NW
  473. Zra CW
  474. Wrathbringer27 NW
  475. Copperhead NW
  476. Urausb NW
  477. Corin NW
  478. Evilc NW
  479. Evilc CW
  480. Bwl123 CW
  481. Tigris99 NW
  482. Colliedoggie CW
  483. Colliedoggie NW
  484. Brno602 NW
  485. Bladesmith3 CW
  486. Bribo NW
  487. Cat eyes evil twin NW
  488. Cat eyes evil twin NW
  489. Cat eyes evil twin NW
  490. Cat eyes evil twin NW
  491. Bigrick CW
  492. Cul8r CW
  493. Cul8r CW
  494. Cul8r NW
  495. Cul8r NW
  496. Koaksijalac NW
  497. Eodoe NW
  498. Eodoe NW
  499. Zeng@LM
  500. P moore NW
  501. Toykeeper NW
  502. Toykeeper NW
  503. Toykeeper NW
  504. Toykeeper NW
  505. Jycheang NW
  506. Jubeldum NW
  507. Adoby NW
  508. Leelou NW
  509. Coolz NW
  510. Oscarm NW
  511. Smaller lights NW
  512. Smaller lights NW
  513. Smaller lights NW
  514. Smaller lights NW
  515. Jack-bkk NW
  516. Smaller lights NW
  517. Smaller lights NW
  518. Smaller lights NW
  519. Smaller lights NW
  520. Saypat NW
  521. Alphazeta NW
  522. Trume_3454 NW
  523. Melven NW
  524. Mwfire CW
  525. Dbsar NW
  526. Laythaws NW
  527. Argolite NW
  528. Mitko CW
  529. Mitko CW
  530. Mitko CW
  531. Mitko CW
  532. Mitko CW
  533. Processengr NW
  534. Mauison NW
  535. Dempsey
  536. Banker CW
  537. Fyesilova NW
  538. Abqjohnny NW
  539. Kronological NW
  540. Kronological NW
  541. One41 NW
  542. MG NW
  543. Fatsteve0 CW
  544. Fatsteve0 NW
  545. Spokeplanter NW
  546. Spokeplanter NW
  547. Incavin NW
  548. One41 NW
  549. Remang NW
  550. Remang NW
  551. Ih8myx NW
  552. Ih8myx CW
  553. Brno602 CW
  554. Trasnodel CW
  555. Angel Martinez CW
  556. Chuckhov NW
  557. Bribo NW
  558. Remang NW
  559. Tigris99 NW
  560. Hank NW
  561. Plumrt CW
  562. Plumrt NW
  563. Plumrt NW
  564. Djburkes CW
  565. Chenko NW
  566. Awoody001 CW
  567. Majster NW
  568. Darkerinsol CW
  569. Darkerinsol NW
  570. Trujunglst NW
  571. Lionheart_2281 NW
  572. Mikeyx NW
  573. Remang NW
  574. Chouster NW
  575. Gnr NW
  576. Mwfire NW
  577. Xed888 NW
  578. Paul321 NW
  579. Wieselflinkpro NW
  580. Stanley-beamish NW
  581. Tek NW
  582. Pöbel

  583. Xsive CW
  584. Xsive NW
  585. Xsive NW
  586. Finges NW
  587. Patchman NW
  588. Natchteule323 NW
  589. Wapd2 CW
  590. Wapd2 NW
  591. Abang.tegak NW
  592. Abang.tegak CW
  593. Seenthelight CW
  594. Tarvos NP
  595. Tarvos NP
  596. Will manners NW
  597. Uiski NW
  598. Seasam CW
  599. Tank CW
  600. Raccoon city NW
  601. Raccoon city NW
  602. Mrcobra CW
  603. Mrcobra CW
  604. Ikaruz_500 NW
  605. Ikaruz_500 NW
  606. Ikaruz_500 NW
  607. Ikaruz_500 NW
  608. Gnr CW
  609. Kommessy NW
  610. Kodachrome40 NW
  611. Balinzwerg NW
  612. Chrigu CW
  613. Billy x NW
  614. Datsun NW
  615. Datsun NW
  616. Filedog NW
  617. Tissen NW
  618. Regaia NW
  619. Invisiblejules NW
  620. Invisiblejules CW
  621. Johnnydoe CW
  622. Uqs1000 CW
  623. Uqs1000 NW
  624. Box CW
  625. Box NW
  626. Chuckhov CW
  627. Tryps NW
  628. Tryps NW
  629. Plato CW
  630. Cobolt NW
  631. Cobolt NW
  632. Awoody001 CW
  633. Jack-bkk NW
  634. Corin CW
  635. Corin NW
  636. Wieselflinkpro NW
  637. Scooter000 NW
  638. Ahirshy NW
  639. Bastarrdo NW
  640. Seenthelight CW
  641. Weren NW
  642. Weren CW
  643. Grym NW
  644. Grym CW
  645. Jack-bkk CW
  646. Jack-bkk CW
  647. Gonein12 NW
  648. Sawmaster CW
  649. Bruno28 CW
  650. Unit311 CW
  651. Jamjar CW
  652. Jamjar CW
  653. Burnsd CW
  654. Burnsd NW
  655. Hellstone NW
  656. Mountainking NW
  657. Shanefletch CW
  658. Shanefletch NW
  659. Glas4d NW
  660. Mattlward NW
  661. Mattlward CW
  662. Zelee CW
  663. Cula NW
  664. Jtipp CW
  665. RockyMtnHigh CW
  666. Desidious NW
  667. Jtipp NW
  668. Dhsvcs CW
  669. Dhsvcs NW
  670. Sparkey762 CW
  671. Sparkey762 NW
  672. Sparkey762 NW
  673. Sparkey762 NW
  674. Guitar89 CW
  675. Guitar89 CW
  676. Nitro7 NW
  677. Kristoff CW
  678. Saypat NW
  679. Jeansy NW
  680. Le_zouave NW
  681. Sesgum NW
  682. Cavesprings CW
  683. Cavesprings NW
  684. Crashone NW
  685. Abril NW
  686. Clagged NW
  687. Clagged NW
  688. Clagged NW
  689. Blightsam NW
  690. Dogtown NW
  691. Del NW
  692. Level VW
  693. Crashone CW
  694. Hank NW
  695. Massimo.maronen NW
  696. Walty CW
  697. Walty NW
  698. Ledcoder CW
  699. Ledcoder CW
  700. Malenurse NW
  701. Down_south
  702. Remang NW
  703. Tom e NW
  704. Lopedevega NW
  705. Arekm NW
  706. Slow2go CW
  707. Slow2go CW
  708. Slow2go NW
  709. Zebroo NW
  710. Vuanhquoc CW
  711. Vuanhquoc CW
  712. Vuanhquoc CW
  713. Blinky1 CW
  714. Merikgver4 NW
  715. Malenurse NW
  716. Sigshooter NW
  717. Jealous57 CW
  718. Allthumbs NW
  719. Ronmuller NW
  720. Perttuj NW
  721. Theoldbill CW
  722. Lilien NW
  723. Vasa_visost NW
  724. Vasa_visost CW
  725. Down_south NW
  726. Gregor NW
  727. Bobofire NW
  728. Brightlights CW
  729. Woody NW
  730. Spokeplanter NW
  731. Spokeplanter NW
  732. Sandanbob NW
  733. Tas69 NW
  734. Drgadgetstein NW
  735. Drgadgetstein NW
  736. Roberrt777 NW
  737. Tedh35 CW
  738. Backpackerlight CW
  739. Backpackerlight NW
  740. Shadowfax NW
  741. Wrathbringer27 CW
  742. Teachtom NW
  743. Meti NW
  744. Guitar89 NW
  745. Itsonlyme NW
  746. Tryps NW
  747. Magnet CW
  748. Wobba NW
  749. Jref3 NW
  750. Gleamer CW
  751. Gleamer CW
  752. Tete CW
  753. B42 NW
  754. B42 NW
  755. B42 NW
  756. B42 NW
  757. B42 NW
  758. B42 NW
  759. Djozz NW
  760. Zebroo NW
  761. Gunga NW
  762. Lateotter NW
  763. Lateotter NW
  764. Burnsd NW
  765. Tommswpa NW
  766. Noki NW
  767. Hiker89 NW
  768. Hiker89 NW
  769. Compression NW
  770. Kafar CW
  771. Kafar NW
  772. Bill 63 NW
  773. Plumrt NW
  774. Plumrt NW
  775. Plumrt NW
  776. Merikgver CW
  777. Merikgver NW
  778. Xelario NW
  779. J-dub74 NW
  780. Cavesprings CW
  781. Cavesprings NW
  782. Abril CW
  783. Abril NW
  784. Keengeorge NW
  785. Keengeorge NW
  786. Docfar NW
  787. Richnpc NW
  788. Majszter NW
  789. Cabfrank NW
  790. Jaredm NW
  791. Ronmuller CW
  792. Twin towers NW
  793. Wrathbringer27 NW
  794. Wedlpine NW
  795. Wedlpine NW
  796. Jealous57 NW
  797. Chasealmighty NW
  798. Chasealmighty CW
  799. Chasealmighty NW
  800. Guitar89 NW
  801. Tjhabak NW
  802. Maxbeam NW
  803. Absalom NW
  804. Remang NW
  805. Remang NW
  806. Remang NW
  807. Remang NW
  808. Crowne NW
  809. Crowne NW
  810. Mike72 NW
  811. Lichan CW
  812. Eebowler NW
  813. Calmaja CW
  814. Massimo.maronen NW
  815. Remang NW
  816. Tkd15 NW
  817. Intracloud CW
  818. Intracloud NW
  819. Intracloud NW
  820. Thebo NW
  821. Ale9g NW
  822. Perttuj NW
  823. Gloomywarfreak NW
  824. Gj NW
  825. Gj NW
  826. Chibim NW
  827. Oscarm NW
  828. Oscarm NW
  829. Hein11ag NW
  830. Keepingitlight NW
  831. Keepingitlight NW
  832. Bikenber73 NW
  833. Bikenber73 NW
  834. Antilop65 NW
  835. Antilop65 NW
  836. Shanefletch NW
  837. Keithd CW
  838. Tas69 CW
  839. Minimoke NW
  840. Electricjelly NW
  841. Novice1 CW
  842. Myhken NW
  843. Myhken CW
  844. Lionheart_2281 NW
  845. Tristanxoxo NW
  846. Keithd NW
  847. J-dub74 CW
  848. Twin towers NW
  849. Maxbeam CW
  850. Maxbeam NW
  851. Vasa_visost CW
  852. Vasa_visost NW
  853. Glas4d NW
  854. Glas4d NW
  855. Thao916 CW
  856. Thao916 CW
  857. Thao916 NW
  858. Thao916 NW
  859. Dudunphy NW
  860. Le_zouave NW
  861. Jerrod NW
  862. Dudunphy NW
  863. Jack-bkk NW
  864. Ray-o-light NW
  865. Emerel NW
  866. Biolander NW
  867. Maiden666 NW
  868. Mike72 NW
  869. Dave101 NW
  870. Themaindude NW
  871. Sb56637 NW
  872. Archimedes NW
  873. Archimedes NW
  874. D10ten NW
  875. Jack-bkk CW
  876. Charga CW
  877. J-dub74 NW
  878. Tristanxoxo NW
  879. Tristanxoxo NW
  880. Netjrb NW
  881. Ahirshy NW
  882. Randolph NW
  883. Myhken NW
  884. Kriskras NW
  885. Bwl123 NW
  886. Syracuse NW
  887. Yoav.klein NW
  888. Yoav.klein NW
  889. Agiri CW
  890. Muto CW
  891. Muto NW
  892. Muto NW
  893. Bonner NW
  894. Gleamer NW
  895. Haro NW
  896. Qandeel NW
  897. Qandeel NW
  898. Gleamer NW
  899. Mrcobra NW
  900. Mrcobra NW
  901. Libretto17 NW
  902. Bobofire CW


Well the BLF X6 in the end had no moon nor the amps, so the whole debate was useless all in all.
How would the UI work with the A17DD-SO8 driver?

I would be interested in a couple.

If it will accept a protected 18650, I'm in for at least one. ;)

The atTiny is programmable. The way I understand is that the scale goes from 1-255. the max would be 255 (100%) and the lowest would be 1 (0.004%). I am not sure if a light can be run at "1" because I have yet to get into programming these things (and RMM has that moon special which unless single-sided is not a drop-in) but I do know that because we are speaking of an FET driver that the chosen battery gives a bit more control to the user.

Sounds good to me

Yup, I like the forum factor of this light. I am down.

I’m in for 1or 2 :slight_smile:

Will we get them in time for Christmas :slight_smile:

depending on final details, I would probably be interested in 1

Yes. How many would you like? :)

I’m interested.

Put me in the basket!

One in CW, please! Thanks!

Banggood has it now online:

The normal version!

So will using A17DD-SO8? I’m in for 1 NW while waiting for further progress.

I would take one in NW


I'd like 1 x NW, please.

Interested in 1 NW, please.