BLF Designed Budget Thrower GB Question

I have been wanting a GB for a Thrower. It seems the magic number for GBs is $20.00 to $30.00 how much can you exect this GB to be?


Actually I Was being serious.

Who more knowledgeable than you, a Man that understands the parameters ahead of time, and (with permission) the driver all sorted out beforehand?

There is Always a way to make more time (is a divorce all that bad?) - Just less of this and less of that in your life, but just think about all of the praise you will receive from the BLF community! - WE are Many, and will support you all the way! - That should be what’s really important to you. - Helping Others.

Hey! - We Love You Man!

I’m Totally Convinced that… You Are Da Man for This!

Just Roll with it man… :slight_smile:


I don’t remember if anyone else has suggested being able to lego X6 or A6 bodies and extensions but it might be nice.

BLF is you. Start a thread and make it happen.

that would sell on a T-shirt….

…on the back of the TK BLF A6-SE UI diagram t-shirt! :wink:

Hmm, spectacular thrower light made to BLF desired specs sounds great!

Good idea!! I will tell Neal. He has some ideas too :)

Very true about the "sweet spot" many and give them away knowing that they cannot be had elsewhere :)

I do not know anything about where this would go BUT...

  • Triples....3 expensive emitters on a board with optics alone is going to run about $40....without the host.
  • Host prototyping is where the money really goes. $600-1000 without even thinking. Do it a few times and we could spend thousands on prototypes. That gets added
  • The list goes on

Not trying to discourage anybody and open dialog is good but bigger-headed lights get expensive quickly. If you know what driver...then look for a ready host. Fastest, cheapest, easiest way.

“Triples….3 expensive emitters on a board with optics alone is going to run about $40….without the host.”


Well, there’s one thing that we don’t have to worry about - A Triple is Not what I would call a Thrower.

There has got to be a good host out there somewhere that we could use as a base… I keep thinking Courui D01, but will they play ball?


Here is a triple that throw’s and Floods!…………………………………………………………………………………………….Fenix Tk75vn XML2 PDT KT burn in edition
Sony vtc5
3184@ turn on
3158@ 30 sec
1598 high
611 mid
17 low
Throw - 341,000 Lux!

Yes Sir!

But, Throwers that also Flood make it awful hard to see down range, with the high foreground brightness blasting me in the face.


Excuse me?

Triple XHP 70 using the LUM 5-90 reflectors and a huge head - 05/06/15 Finished- with beam shots.

The better pill isn’t needed for only 4-6A that a XP-G2 S4, XP-L HI or a XM-L2 U4 would pull. Just because a better pill has been sold doesn’t mean it is absolutely necessary.

The better pill give less heat sag & is needed for emitters with higher amp pull, like that old high amp round one with high CRI, that i can’t remember the name of right now sorry.

I hope a BLF Courui D01-SE with the big kaidomain reflector could be made, with crazy performance like that i am pretty sure a lot of people would be ready to pay much more than the old sweet spot of $20-$30.

If we could get that with a FET driver or even cheaper just running DD, it would beat almost anything out there in throw.

Yeah - But, that’s not a Thrower, that’s a BLASTER! - It Throws simply by using brute force.

Can you imagine how bright the foreground would be in your face with that Monster?

Try using that thing in most locals, and the Cops will be called:-)

Hey! - Justin is The Man, that’s just not my idea of a Thrower.

Please understand that I do understand that a Triple can Throw, it’s just if it does, you have to have the very high foreground along with it:( … I already have more of that than I need with my lowly Acebeam K40M If we can’t get a GB going, I think that I’m going to be talking to Vinh about one of his Acebeam K40L with Genuine XP-L HI. - That’s the same concept as the proposed BLF-SE Courui D01, but at MUCH greater cost.

Maybe Justin will make us some custom Courui Pills?

Thanks all the same,

:smiley: a cop calling light……that could have its uses, that would kind of be like a reverse bat signal :wink:

I hope I one day actually build a light so bright that cops are called :bigsmile:
The best i have done so far is just piss off some neighbors :smiley:

Not budget at all :_( , but wow xpg2-s2! :open_mouth: Super Duper thrower! 8)

Well, it has been a while since I had mine open, but IIRC, the pill is thin, like around 1/4” and the threads are not very tight. I don’t know how much current the existing pill can or cannot take, but it doesn’t impress me much. I’d want at least a thicker piece of metal with better threading just as a matter of build quality.

Any updateds on this subject? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: