What is this thing ?
How does it work?
Does it really work ?
How do we make one that fits in a flashlight for $22.47 ?

Portable Counter Drone Device for stopping illegal drone flying, Anti-UAV equipment cut off remote signal catch drone/UAV

that's just radio interference device, on most popular frequency used to control the drone + most of positioning systems
after losing control signal + positioning systems, it will probably just hang there, till their battery lose charge
depending on the country, and place, you can have really bad time, if you are caught with one of these, so don't.
If memory serves right, it's not that hard, or really expensive (well no 23$) to make, but... just don't.

Good airgun is more effective, legal and more wallet friendly than this.
Not mention fun shooting down that crap :slight_smile:

Or get another faster drone with a kevlar net to tangle the drone and bring it down…

Actual drone dogfights…! Sounds hell of cool!

Some of these could easily end up being stubid.

Firing an air gun - or any type of gun capable of causing injury - even just into space can get real legal sticky on many levels. Much less causing property damage advertanty or inadvertantly, injury, when other passive solutions were available. Look up gross negligence for starters.

Then there are these wrinkles……

Maybe ya don’t know if this is a legit drone doing property overflights, LEO recon/surveillance, the county for wattever reason - especially power line inspections/fire mitigation, rescue/lost people, etc.

Passive could be shining a hi powered thrower flash on it briefly. An amateur/recreational operator should get the hint to move out cuz it may not be real good for their camera.

If it still sticks around that might tell ya something. In which case put your clothes back on. :laughing: :open_mouth:

Interfering with aircraft in the US is a violation of federal law, and likely additional state and local laws as well.

The FAA regulates navigable airspace in the US, which is generally anything higher than your shoelaces. :partying_face: In short, property owners don’t own the airspace above their land.

There are many instances of people being arrested and charged for shooting at unmanned aircraft. Drones tend to have video cameras. :wink:

I read somewhere they won’t be available to civilians .

green laser, is more effective, and "safer" (destroying image sensor), but then again pointing it to the sky, can be dangerous for any pilot on it's path. And police hunt those people, that blast green laser to the sky in cities. And generally, lasers are dangerous, you can injure people and kids can harm themselfs. That's why I don't own anything powerful than red pointers, and rpm meters (that can still be dangerous).

drone dogfights are the finest solution

regarding Drone Law, it changes depending upon the state.
for example:

In California, Civil Code § 1708.08 prevents the use of drones to collect visual imagery, sound recordings, or other physical impressions of persons without consent.
Florida adopted Criminal Code § 934.50, which forbids a person or state agency from equipping drones with imaging devices to record privately owned real property
to conduct surveillance in violation of a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

of course, at 400 feet AGL, the FAA takes over.
and the FAA has some registration rules, too.

Only $15K?

I was just about to write a fair sportsman would use an airgun :beer:

No option in Germany unfortunately, as we’re limited to 7.5 Joule. A real good airgun of that kind could catch a drone 50 Meters away at maximum.

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