BLF GT - 1.7 miles (2.7km) video beam shot (in 4K)

(NOTE: If possible, watch in 4K for best quality)

Sorry, not the greatest but hopefully demonstrates what this beast can do. The reflective signs I think are key here! Let me know what you guys think.

EDIT: Have completed the runtime for both 4S1P/2P plot on Turbo using the Samsung 35E's they sold with the light. NOTE: I must stress that the Lumens measurement here is not accurate given my PVC LMD is just slightly small to accommodate the head, I also removed the sheet of glass I normally rest the lights on to help offset of some of the lumens loss but the duration and overall relative output is "accurate"

And even with all the ambient light it still impresses, thanks for the video turboBB.

Nice test!!
I have an image taken from Google Earth where 1.79mi is one point of reference. The furthest is 2.38mi.
And a lot of points from .5mi up/to 1.5mi
I’ve yet to go test anything because I have other lights in route

Thanks for the vid tBB. :slight_smile:

very nice! Thanks

Would have been nice since you were there already to light up the Yonkers sign, I was looking forward to that after the intro. Thanx for the video though, impressive output.

Great video! :+1:
Actually it is 3.4miles or 5.4km, right?

Nice video, thanks!

Thanks for the awesome video!

yikes that is very impressive how far it throws… crazy

very nice beam shots turboBB

Nice video. It looked like it really lit up the side of the building. Did it look that bright with your eyes or was it because of the camera exposure? Though I imagine it would be hard to see it that far away with the naked eye.

Awesome work turboBB ! Thanks !

Nice, I live right by there and was going to do a similar test off the Palisades Interstate Parkway cliffs, but was worried that cops would come by and actually take my GT away. You know how NJ is!

Nice video!


Interesting to see how this performs in a dry winter air :slight_smile:

At 1:52 you’re lighting up reflectors on the hillside :sunglasses:

Nice video

Thx guys!

@Zulumoose - going to go back during the daytime and get my bearings and retry the Yonkers sign. At that distance and at night looking at a tiny LCD screen I just couldn't make it out...

@Dengoh - nope, it's 1.72 miles actually but I rounded down

@Throw me in to - "This watch I got here was first purchased by your great-grandfather..."

@EasyB - at that distance I honestly couldn't tell if it was lighting up at all, it seemed like it did but I was trying to be careful to not get the beam in same line as the lens since it might just be the beam lighting up the atmospheric dust. Going to retry now that I've gotten a feel for the settings required (wide-angle cam was D850 with D500's 2.25x crop factor on that building - may reverse next time thinking the better light capturing capability of the FF sensor on D850 would offset the loss of crop)

@llmatic - funny you should mention that, the state troopers were actually there at the time and I cleared my activity with them (but I didn't have any equipment out yet... had they saw the beam, it might've been a different story... )

@beachlogger - Wow sharp eye, I didn't even notice that earlier. So I got a comment on the vid that lighting up signs was not a good way to test, but that was totally coincidental (serendipitous even?) since I didn't even know much less could see that those signs were there. I only noticed them while editing the vid at home. However regardless how reflective they are, they won't defeat the laws of physics for light fall off. I also had a TN31 with me that would certainly not have lighted those reflective signs up at 1.7 miles let alone anything else across the river. :)

EDIT: I checked out the maps and believe that sign on the hillside is most likely at the intersection of Glenwood Ave and Ravine Ave (2 miles from my spot):,-73.8973912,122m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc9aac33968ae1930!8m2!3d40.9501284!4d-73.8973443

EDIT 2: Or potentially Phillipse Pl one block behind it.

More testing to come but suffice to say, my PVC LMD won't be able to accomodate the size of this light so while I can do runtime, won't be able to provide "accurate" lumens measurement.

Most impressive video and flashlight! Thanks for posting turboBB.