BLF GT Team appreciation thread

Thanks to the BLF GT team and Lumintop who manage to pull off the extraordinary feat of bringing to the market the best and boldest mass produced thrower led light.

The first BLF GT are being delivered after many many efforts by those involved.

We witnessed how difficult the ordering process turned out to be and how much tedious hours of benevolent, boring work it involved for Neal, Texas Ace, the Miller and many others.

May i bring to your attention that it it still possible to donate to the BLF team through the GT ordering page that you can access throught the link in the PM you received from The Miller to order the GT.

You can put a 1$ donation in your cart and multiply it as much as you’d like.

Thanks to SB also to provide a forum where such projects are made possible.

Edit: To avoid confusion,i’m in no way part of the BLF GT team, just a thankful GT group buy participant

I would like to say “Thank You” to the team as well. I have enjoyed my time here immensely! My BLF A6 and my BLF GT are probably the two lights I will only ever need. Unfortunately, it probably won’t stop my addiction er… collecting! Thanks again!

I would like to thank the whole team at BLF, for without your countless hours of dedication, knowledge, and experience, the GT would not have been brought to market. Although I have not the joy of receiving my GT just yet, from the pictures I’ve seen, the light seems and looks BADASS.

I already donated to the team, for the great effort put forth by all of you, thank you very much.
I look forward to the next great project from you guys. May I suggest, a 12000 lumen super GT? With a 3000,000 million candela and 2 1/2 3 mile range? A person can always dream, right?
But seriously, I would buy a super GT, as I’m sure many more people as well.

Thank you again, guys.

Great Job.

Thank you all for your hard work and providing this great light.


The other thread is quite cluttered.
So many thanks again, for yet another great BLF group buy!

Only tested it for a minute with 4 cells while the other 4 charge, but impressed so far. Thanks all!

Here is my 6 month old giggling with Giggles

Great job! Well done! Your efforts are truly appreciated by me and so many others

Thank you so much

The smudges, ohhh the horror, u munster :smiley:

Yeah, I would prefer it if he didn’t touch the lens, but he doesn’t listen so well just yet.

I have had time to use the BLF GT, compare it to other lights, determine its capabilities, and just “play around”. Man! This thing rocks! It really is a marvel of development and creativity, a wonderful tool. I can’t help but smile every time I turn it on. The UI works great, the tint is perfect, it’s bright as all get out and throws a literal mile, almost two! Thanks again for the talent and time of the GT Team, and Lumintop for the execution of the design. My sample is flawless! Best to all.

A well done to all involved with the light from conception through to execution and delivery! Too many folks to name but you know who you all are.

I’m very happy with mine. My brother drove up today to pick his up and he loved it. He commented on both the Q8 and the GT at how well made they are. I look forward to his call tonight after he’s had some time to play ahem, excuse me, use it.

The GT Team members are like the Greek Gods, only they’re real! :wink:

Love that pic, Gladimir!