BLF GT w/ SFT40 !!


Recently I had hinted at a light in the works that i had been holding out for, saving up for, and selling some lights for. Well, it arrived yesterday! I wont make this long, and I'll hold back no info - TomE & I had come to an agreement for him to put together a BLF GT that he had, in 3 volt... you can see where i am going with this?

an SFT40 LED!

Yes! Thats right, i am dubbing it the BLF GT40.

I Don't Know if it is humanly possible for me to express how excited i have been about this project! Not only did Mr. TomE graciously offer to setup a GT, a light that i have wanted for a couple years since i saw Matt Smith's videos on it back in 2019. BUT, he had offered to install one of my absolute favorite throwing LED's in it.

The reason why this is such a big deal to me is that not only did it require him to work his electrode wranglin' magic to get the amperage right in a 3volt converted BLF GT as to not blow the emitter, but he also spent time adjusting and focusing the reflector for what i would consider a perfect beam. This is incredible. There has been work done to this light that would have either taken me months to complete or i would not even be able to do.

Needless to say i am very grateful, and i dont mean to make this into a praising session, but he did great work. I could not be happier.

I am making a video to show this thing off and some specifics, because i dont think my meager typing will suffice, but nonetheless, here are some details:


-converted 12v light to 3v (i think)

-sft40 led

-Anduril 2

-Extended LED lead wires to lessen output amperage

-Running (8) BAK 3050mah 6.1amp 18650's

-*CDR ~ 10.6amps running (8) batteries charged 4.19v (running it at Max Amps, not completely on purpose though)

-* Output = 2390 lumen @ start, 2290 Lumen @ 30seconds !

-*Throw = 1803 kcd @ 5 meters (2686 meters !)

*Means TomE measured this

So, that is all i have for now, anyone who owns a GT knows what these things look like, but im excited right now since receiving this yesterday so here are some pics.

BEFORE you beat me up, i dont have any beam shots yet! I wanted to get this thread going, and i havent been able to drive anywhere worthwhile to take photos. My normal beam shot spot, where the "furthest trees are 300m away", yea, that does nothing for this light. it looks like Daylight at 300m. i have places to shoot the beam shots i just need to get there. they are coming!

Packaged really nicely!

GT to go with the mini

My only big lights! this one is King now.

I mean, the hotspot is really well centered!

Look how small in that huge reflector

the beam @ 6 feet, dont mind the shoes

BAK 3050mah 6.1amp 18650's

Its home for now :) the only place it'll fit

Pretty darn cool.

um ya. I mean i guess for many here this is not World Shattering News, but for me.. well its pretty damn EPIC.

Then again, beam shots would be a great addition here. I will get them added asap, and remove the boring bedroom pictures when i do LOL.

I think you should have spent the money on new shoes .

I really like that flashlight

Well, if you are going to call it the GT40, you might want to consider repainting it in Gulf livery instead of basic black. Excellent work there!

those shoes were made for walking, and thats just what they do.

And, id go to work barefoot before spending the money on shoes instead of this light lol


lol, ok. I thought that reference sounded familiar! Nice.

Don’t listen to him. My shoes look like gaping (old) alligators.
But I don’t care as long as they keep my feet dry and warm.

Ironically, the most expensive shoes don’t keep your feet warm or dry.

Nice I like it!


You are going to have to move out west to use it. :smiley: Can’t wait for the beam shots.

This looks like a winner~!

Is it a bit of a pencil beam? How does the SFT40 throw compare to the XHP35.HI that GTs originally came with?

I think that lux reading was made from 10 meters, btw. 1.8Mcd

this is the light i was eluding to!

ill have to check his notes to me again.

I have a GT with a black flat and it is awsome to.


Nice ..

There is only one direction left to point it ....Up !

It needs like 45 layers of dc-fix