BLF GT w/ SFT40 !!

I don’t know exactly what vinh did — he definitely resistor modded it —- my measurement might be on the high side also

It's probably accurate - he experiments a lot with both resistor values/amps, plus focusing because he can invest the time, then turn around and get 10-20+ orders instantly, so can crank out a whole batch on only one effort of experimenting.

He does, or did, the same things we were doing, just on a larger scale.

In the beginning I bought some of his lights before I started doing my own — I bought this K40 I guess 7-8 yrs ago with the intention of putting a special LED in it — My focusing skills leave a lot to be desired — sometimes I get lucky — most of the time on smaller lights —plus now days if a company is not making it , wait a while they will

I updated my TN31 to an SFT40 recently. Old days had shorted sense resistors and a good early days 3A tint XML2 from LED-DNA dedomed running 8A or so. I tried newer emitters over the years included XPL HIs and never matched the performance of the original mod. I was getting 343kcd with that setup.

Tried a 5000K SST40 domed and 7.0A got 261kcd, sliced it and only bumped it to 312kcd. Lovely tint and beam though when sliced.

Next I went to a CSLPM1 from hank and detuned the driver to 7.0A, made 565kcd. Good beam, but rectangular die caused asymmetric corona.

Now I have an SFT40 in from Simon, and have not verified the amps, but thinking its around 9A. I added another sense resistor to the stack that’s in there, but haven’t pulled it out completely to measure with a clamp meter. Perfect beam and 526kcd. Mode 5/6 hits 348kcd Just if it could be 5000K…

I will say that I kept popping tail-board mosfets with the latest setup. Actually went through my whole supply of 5 first stacking 2, then 3. Still blew ’em. Must be some crazy in rush current or something. Now I have an old DPAK 70N02 fet tombstoned in there and it’s rocking out. Gotta say I like this light more than the WT90 to the point I would sell the Wildtrail first.

I keep attempting to take beamshots but photo quality is garbage IMO, I am too ocd to post crap pictures. I’ve been too cheeeep to buy the camera I’ve been wanting, but once I do. I’ll post everything I have.

Last thought I’ll add is that the round YinDing 5050 emitters say they’ve shipped. I’m going test those in this light too. Fingers crossed!

Cool, thanks JaredM for all that info! Same here with the shipped YinDing's, Order with 3 reached the airline shipping status as of today.

We'll see how they look at 5000K.

With Anduril 2?! Incredible!

Won’t be getting any beam shots tonight. Fricken monsoon.

I know Pennzy... it sucks, I wanted to show off the insanity of this thing a little lol. Hopefully I'll be able to by this weekend. I Have a great state park to take photos at but it a half hour away, so not going to do the drive unless it a crisp "fog less" night. Hopefully soon :)) going to do the k75, wt90, ft03 sft40 and this BEAST.

Tonight’s the night. Rain again tomorrow.

I took some quick ones around the house last night ! I'll try tonight too :)) will share the last nights ones now just for a "intro"

Some beam shots

the 5th picture down is almost laughable it's so awesome.

Nice, that ought to make the neighbor happy. :smiley:

It's a remarkably nice looking beam, compared to my other SFT-40 mods - the TK-35 (313 kcd, nice bump from SST-40 at 141 kcd), the BOSS1 (991 kcd, did about 700 kcd on a dedomed XPL), the FandyFire SP03 triple (552 kcd, up from 264 kcd on SST-40 6500K's).

haha you remembered!

the beam looks AMAZING. It's a combo of pencil beam and large bright hotspot Spill. It's confusing in a great way.

Did yours come in yet? Mine are stuck somewhere since Oct 29th - no updates since. Last update was: "Arrival at the Destination"

Exactly the same for me. Bummed

What the frick,that’s why I can’t find SFT40 for sale :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:
Big likes for this light,the last photo it’s dunno…Stranger Things :open_mouth: Never seen an hotspot inside the hotspot :smiling_imp:

i think it's actually the corona and the hotspot, but because at 40m (the distance of the barn in the photo), it looks like the hotspot. The 5th photo in the linked photos, the corona (I think it is called that?) is actually

Lighting up the entire width of the street+ which is approximately 15m+ wide, at a distance of about 200m from the camera. I don't own ANYTHING else that lights like this thing, and I don't have anything to compare it to lol.

should have chose the xhp99 or xhp160, jk. nice collection