BLF Interest list for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs Pt1(ENDED)

OK then.

You are lucky that I will only order the samples Thursday.

Yep… from the OP.

  • - Spring upper diameter: 7mm
  • - Spring base diameter: 9mm
  • - Spring thickness: 1mm
  • - Spring height: 12mm
  • - Plating: Zinc plating

No one in 180 posts has suggested to make the big spring have a 5mm top diameter?

Doing so might allow an extra millimeter or two longer battery to fit.

It’s something to think about (assuming the company is capable of doing it).

I would just cut off a coil if the cell was too long or if it looked like there would be issues. By cutting off a coil (or two) at the wide base the overall length would be shortened and the cell length wouldn’t be as critical.

Then again, I tend to forget what I’ve found to be optimal and find a new solution every time the problem arises…

This is a good suggestion, the only reason I would see for leaving it larger would be if we made a smaller spring that could fit inside of it for a double high current spring setup.

Honestly I have been to busy to even read BLF, I only found out about this because someone was nice enough to point it out to me in a PM.

We almost need a BLF highlights thread to links to important developments on BLF daily / weekly lol.

OK then.

I will do it with a 6mm top diameter instead of 7mm.

Good day Blue, I am # 14 on the list. Please add me 50 for the smaller spring.

Not that I neccessarily recommend it but for sake of the discussion: one reason to want the top wider and the spring compress less by the coils touching is to protect the spring from shortening from over-compression. (It happens with the Fasttech ‘carobronze’ spring: it can fully compress and it does not nearly come back to the original length after that, moreover it gets weaker and weaker over time)
So it all depends on how good the material is mechanically. And you can only really find out about that by testing samples.

Here is an idea:

Make up some spring forms with 3D printing.

Buy some metres of spring wire, various types (this would be the challenge).

Make a fixture to wind them.

Test, evaluate.

The prototype costs and NRE seem ludicrous to me, either the manufacturer knows what they are doing, or doesn’t, or is having a laugh. Winding a conical spring, or any spring, should be trivial. Tooling costs bugger-all.

Making a spring is ultra mature technology, nothing new to be learned, no breakthroughs, no exotic materials science will happen.

That said, a bespoke spring that fits a certain precisely defined requirement that is far out of the ordinary is worth developing. But I don’t think this is one.

I would like to add 20 small springs.

How does this compare with

in for 50 small

List has been updated.

@djozz, I had thought about using a 6mm top initially, but as you said, more surface area for contact is better for yield strength and mechanical durability.

Using BeCu C17530 38% IACS should be just a bit worse mechanically than your phosphor bronze springs, and quite a bit better than the C17500 45% IACS Intl Outdoor fat spring.

Edit: We are also at 1511 big springs, and 1032 small springs.

Put me down for 15 of the small springs as well!

Increase to 30 small, 50 big, please

Interested in 50 each of both sizes.

List updated again.

Once we get close to the 2000 spring mark, I think I will pause the big spring group buy, and let the small springs go up to 2000pcs too.

This is getting a bit too big for my taste :laughing:

Once I get the samples and test them for the electrical properties, but most importantly, the mechanical properties and see that they are good, I will reveal the final price details.

And as said before, if all goes well with the group buy, I’ll ping Richard and ASF so you can get these springs all

Not really, Mtn is good for the americans but for getting just a few springs the shipping to the rest of the world is too high.

If there is a worldwide need for these springs it is possible I could hook us up with a China distributor if needed. That is of course if BlueSword wants that.

Thanks Texas Ace. No problem with that. I have learned a lot about contacts, springs, and this really helped me along the way.

And so, pinging a Chinese distributor too like Kaidomain/Fasttech/Banggood would be great to get these springs to everybody once the group buy is done

You could also ping Lumintop to put my springs inside of the new XHP70.2 GT project haha. That would be helpful to push the XHP70.2 to its limits, or even do triples/quads inside if that is even possible in such a light.

List has been updated on the OP too.

Agreed, there are plenty of nice things that I would like to buy from the US, it’s great engineers and entrepreneurs, but it’s pointless. Shipping and duty just make it stupid.

And it’s going to get far worse if the POTUS carries on with his madness and tries to pull up the drawer bridges. (Oops, please disregard, that might sound like politics). Making a comfy little short-term bubble for his uneducated electorate and big business chums, second term on his mind, meanwhile going to hell in a handbasket.

Get them made anywhere but in the US and shipped direct. It’s just a spring, not complicated, plenty of manufacturers could do it.

Even Harley Davidson understand this, and are reacting sensibly.

Free Trade.

Rant over.