BLF Interest list for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs Pt1(ENDED)

Yeah. A Chinese distributor would be the best bet for international shipping and purchases.

I just pointed to MtnElectronics and ASF so the US guys could get them quickly while not waiting for the Chinese slow boat.
And since even if you were to buy 5000 springs at a time, the amount would be lower than 800$US, so it would not be subjected to the stupid new 25% tax.

I will put out some feelers and see what happens.

I’m really trying to understand what your saying here and don’t really want this to be polictical but It looks like this is contradicting yourself.
You can ship a item from china to the US and cost the buyer nothing and most all other parts of the world. Once the item reaches the US port the united states postal service has to deliver this item to the buyer, its a great deal for the buyer and seller. If Mtn Electronics ships this same item to you (another country) the cost is to high and makes it unreasonable (No Sale, you buy else where). :person_facepalming: The united states postal service takes the item to the same port the china goods came from so no difference in cost for the united states postal service. So how is this fair to Mtn Electronics.
Maybe I’m missing something here, I thought this was what all the fuss was about having fair trade. :frowning:
I hope somebody does something because it sure doesn’t seem fair to me.

One simple question Tom Tom…. Why do you insist on making political posts & comments when it is clearly against the rules??? As you surely must know by now….

Do you feel the Forum Rules are beneath you & you need not comply??

No, it’s actually ALMOST relevant to this discussion.

The taxes on electronics products only apply to orders outside of the US when importing more than 800$US of products/components, which is 25%.

Since even with 2000 big springs, and 2000 small springs, it will only cost 650$ in total, and so we aren’t affected.

It’s mainly distributors like Digikey, Arrow, and Mouser which will get affected by this.

What I post is factual (with a bit of discussion).

Fact is that the US is ploughing a path to nowhere.

In the case of e.g Harley, read this and weep:

It’s a big wide world out here, and if the USA ceased to exist we’d be stuffed, for a short while. Nearly saw that when Lehman Brothers collapsed and Merrill Lynch were found out. And the ongoing consequences. Nevermind Enron. Could happen again, confidence is everything until it changes.

But lets back out now, this thread is about springs, of which you Teacher have no specific knowledge to contribute, though are very vocal in all sorts of threads. Consider that a slap-down.

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Have fun.

On the spreadsheet I’m #25 richnpc, 20 big, 10 small. Could I add 10 big, and 10 small, for a total of 30 big, 20 small?

:smiley: …… A “slap down” from you Tom Tom… by way of keyboard. Surely you jest. :smiley:

But you avoided answering the question & just interjected more of your political rhetoric & opinions.

And, one way or another; you have made your ’superior intellect’ very plain in most every thread you post in…… which are many also. I applaude you for being of such high intelligence.

I, on the other hand; am just doing the best I can with the limited IQ I have. Oh well… such is life. :wink:

But back to that one simple question. Why do you seem to think it is OK for you to post your rhetoric & opinions that are of a political nature??
You do it fairly often…. and by now surely you must know it is against BLF RULES.

Kaidomain and FastTech come to my mind. PM BanL to see if he's interested.

Cheers ^:)


Big spring vs Fasttech Carobronze measurements

Height: 12mm vs 10mm

Top diamater: 4mm vs 7mm

Bottom diameter: 7mm vs 9mm

Wire diameter: 0,8mm vs 1mm

… [/quote]

That looks a little bit messed, better replace with this:

Big spring vs small spring (FastTech Carobronze size) measurements:

Height: 12mm vs 10mm

Top diameter: 7mm vs 4mm

Bottom diameter: 9mm vs 7mm

Wire diameter: 1mm vs 0.8mm

Cheers ^:)

First off, thanks Barkuti!

Second, I may have a slight problem.

You see, the company which I was going to pay for the samples originally, boosted the price a… bit.

It went for 100$US+shipping, to 135$US+shipping, so quite a bit more expensive.

This is getting quite annoying, and expensive just for some spring samples.

I think I’ll just take the risk, and go with my original plan of just buying the 2000 springs from my original manufacturer, since while the prices are the same from both sellers using BeCu C17530, the one I was going to go with is being just absurd with the samples cost.

Since this is my hobby money, I’m willing to take a risk.

Edit: I’m just going to keep looking for a supplier that is willing to even get 1 spring sample.

And besides, I have Paypal to protect just in case something goes horribly wrong, like springs not being made of BeCu C17530, which is quite easy to test just by its electrical properties.



After careful considerations, I have decided to order the 2000 big springs first since they are the most popular, and I can validate their mechanical and electrical properties much more easily than with a small spring for good reason, and easier to prototype in a light.

Here are the final specs of the spring:

- Material: C17530 (Beryllium Copper) with IACS of 38%

- Spring upper diameter: 7mm

- Spring base diameter: 9mm

- Spring thickness: 1mm

- Spring height (free height): 12mm

- Plating: Electroplated zinc

  • Total number of coils: 6

The small springs will be ordered afterwards if the big springs are excellent.

I just want to make sure if everybody is okay with this, and is okay with the amount of springs they ordered
I am going with a 7mm top diameter because I have calculated that the yield strength is stronger with a 7mm top diameter rather than a 6mm top diameter because of the small bottom diameter of the spring, so there is a lower chance of plastic deformation occurring wider diameter.

Here is the last updated spreadsheet:

So 1606 big springs and 1122 small springs.

Thanks to all of your for the support!

Sounds good BSM!! :+1: . I love it when a plan comes together…. :beer:
Well done sir……

@teacher, thank you for the support again.

I’m going to be paying for the springs real soon.

If we are lucky, we should have have in 2-3 weeks, 4 if we are unlucky.

Edit: Another thing.

Would you mind if I make the spring 1-1.5mm taller? Just for all types of cells to be accounted for, and small plastic deformation with aging just in case.

Sounds good.

If i have learned one thing from this forum you should never give estimates when it comes to these things :+1:


It’s always better to test them out.

I do think these springs have a lot of potential though.

With sufficient traction, maybe, just maybe, we can get them in other lights, like the BLF Q8 V1.5 I posted a thread about, a new special light from someone you really like, etc.

So, all in all, I hope this GB goes very well.

I hate to ask it again, but would you like a slightly taller spring by 1mm just in case it to make it fit all cells, including protected?

Thank you again, and again.

I have had issues with springs not being tall enough but rarely had a problem with it being too tall.

So an extra 1mm height sounds good to me.

I wounder if dropping the top size to 6mm might be a good idea as well, that way you could flip it upside down for drivers that have very small spring pads (like the TA 17mm).