BLF Interest list for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs Pt1(ENDED)

Ok for the spring being 1mm taller. No cost difference.

Hmm? Why would you flip the spring? Wouldn’t that be the reason to use the small spring instead?

And wouldn’t the bottom 9mm diameter be too wide, and risk a short?

True, I forgot about the small spring.

Okay then.

I’m going with the 7mm top diameter, and 9mm bottom diameter then.

Anyone against this for the springs?

I want to make the order quickly before sleeping.

That size sounds good as does a bit taller. :beer:

Order those puppies…… :wink:

Ok then.

I will place the payment with these final parameters:

- Material: C17530 (Beryllium Copper) with IACS of 38%

- Spring upper diameter: 7mm

- Spring base diameter: 9mm

- Spring thickness: 1mm

- Spring height (free height): 13mm

- Plating: Electroplated zinc

  • Total number of coils: 6

Sounds good to me :+1: .

The payment has been sent.

Hope it goes well.

Excellent!! It probably will go fine…… :slight_smile:

But, should something go wrong at least you have PayPal on your side…. hopefully. :wink:

Now, the harder step will be Canadian customs.

But it should go well too. They’re only springs, and they didn’t react to an order of 350 Fasttech Springs, so it should go fine.

I’m going to be calling it a commercial sample, since technically, for springs, it is a small order :beer: :smiling_imp:


Payment sent, and order has been started. Let’s get this GB ball rolling.

1. 1mm wire BeCu C17530 38% IACS has been ordered.

Can I get in on this?

I’d like 50 please.


50 big or 50 small?

Anyway, I will go to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

50 big AND 50 small

Thanks for making these available!!

10 small, 10 large springs, thanks!

Nice work BlueSwordM. :+1:

Protected batteries with high current springs? :confounded:

It’s not ideal, but there are protected cells with 15A and 20A circuits.

Where Jason, links please…

Acebeam’s high drain 18650 and 21700 batteries are protected and do more than 15A.

I don’t have time to look them up right now, but I’ll try to remember where I saw them.

I think it was the 18650 from Imalent that did 15A which uses a 30Q.

Then the 20A was a 21700 5100mah from Acebeam.

Then I think there was a 26650 from Orbtronic that was 15A.

I think there were a few more and I know I wrote them in a thread, but I can’t remember where. I wish I could do a search for things I wrote across all the threads.

I’m not particularly into protected cells, but I’ll try and find the others later today if your interested.