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Sweeet!! Thanks for taking the time to fix the information page Helios! Highly appreciated!

Yes, I prefer to avoid restoring since that might delete info that have been added. I do often take backups though. So its not that time consuming for me to fix it. Only need to do a copy paste. And then fix hyperlinks and maybe some lines and such… So its probably way faster for me to fix it. But since its the fourth time its happened (2 times to XP-G2 page, 1 time to XM-L and one to information page). Well, in the long run the time adds up… But all looks well now! :slight_smile:

Google docs has that function built in, you just go to the change history.

Thanks Scaru!
That got me looking… When I was logged in I found a sweet function. “revision history”. Maybe that was the thing you were talking about?
Either way. That function was sweet!
Someone had actually managed to mess up the XM-L2 sheet already… Same type of format thing. And it was easy to recover to the exact point before it happend with the “revision history” feature… :slight_smile:

Copy & paste! Doh! :open_mouth:

Actually I think I tried copy & paste on a single line, it complained my browser version was too old :expressionless: (If I was on windows I would surely keep it updated to keep exploits at bay :Sp )

Since you mentioned its happened a few times I figured the time & annoyance might add up. Your spreadsheet is so great, need to contribute when there is a chance. :bigsmile:

Yea, the “revision history” seems to only be available when your logged in. I just used it as reference to rearrange the information page. I noticed someone had made an addition on a different page a couple hours after information page got screwed up & I didn’t know if there could have been additions elsewhere.

Thanks Helios!

All contributions from everybody are highly appreciated!

If there is a mess up in the future. Ill just use the Revision history feature and go back in time to the right point… Even much simpler than copy paste…

Added new bare emitters from intl-outdoor:
XM-L2 T6 3C 7.5$
XP-G2 R5 3C 5.45$
XP-G2 R5 2B 5.45$

Thread about them here

Added. Reminds me of the one Fasttech and LCK-LED sell. My guess is that it has insulation layer, but someone please buy on confirm. That goes for the ones from Fasttech and LCK-LED too…

I have also added MK-R on copper MCPCB and bare. CW, J2 BIN. (highest bin!)
I have also added a simple overview of the different BINs in the MK-R page. Did not look too good, but it gets the job done.

Ft confirmed no conductance between the top pad and bottom, so the FT ones definitely have the insulation layer. See discussions on their product page.

Thanks. Did minor change to comment on those.
Ill let the ones from LCK-LED and LedDNA be questioned until someone have confirmed the same. I assume they are the same though…

Intl-outdoor have now gotten XM-L2 T6 3C on 14/16/20mm
They have also gotten XP-G2 R5 2B and R5 3C on 16/20mm

All added to spreadsheet.

excellent initiatives guys you all have here!
thanks for the sharing :slight_smile:
I don’t know if this is right place to ask.
is there anyway we can distinguish xml bin from the emitter physical attributes?
I’m trying to tell which of my light is T6, U2 and U3 except reading it from the box or label on the light. maybe the labelling is just not true.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell by looking at the LED, you'll need to trust that your source is reliable and not falsely labeling bins.

There are sadly no way to tell the BIN. Only a light meter could tell the difference if you have the emitters you are comparing driven at the same amps… At least, that should tell which is brighter than the other and thereby indication of BIN. Especially if you have one trustworthy emitter to compare with.

Famous name brands should be trustworthy. The majority of cheap Chinese light I would not consider trustworthy.

I think there are a few stores out there that can be questioned even for the emitters added in the spreadsheet. Im thinking specifically about several of the XM-L2 U2s that was early available. ( I would consider Illumination Supply the best source for XM-L2 U2)

unfortunate that there's no way to tell without tools.

eventhough having a light meter doesn't really can tell accurately due to the different temperature color, it can lead to some grey area. anyway this might be a concern when there is different information regarding particular product let's say label in the box, label in the manual or warranty card, label in the light itself and label in the seller and manufacture website. even decent manufacture can use box/manual/card with different description to save some cost.

I got some XM-L2 U2 1A's that have that familiar yellow glow around the center beam - obviously 1B or 1C's, but KD said they were 1A's when asked... I believe they are the Mouser batch's that don't specify a specific tint, just a grouping, and since they "might" be 1A (or 1A is the first listed), they just say 1A.

"I trust in IS", next trustworthy source is Hank for me...

Or they just licked a finger, pointed it up in the air and depending on the way the wind was blowing they decided upon BIN/TINT within the CW range. The other hand was probably used for crossing fingers and hoping for CW… :stuck_out_tongue:
I think its their way of deciding what specifications products will get. I also think their customer support work by that philosophy.
I personally don’t consider KD trustworthy of anything. Their customer support come with more false info than true based on my experience with them.


When that is said. FT gets most of my money when it comes to emitters, just because of price. They seem to be fairly accurate when it comes to emitters.
TINT/BIN combo vs PRICE decides who gets my money…

XM-L2 on copper just turned up on DX. Im not sure about the dielectric layer.

Nice find Flashpilot. I added it.

This colorful XM-L and various others emitters have also been added…

Its a shame that LCK-LED did not have the XM-L2 in 3000K when I recently placed an order on various emitters. I would have bought one… If i buy more from them in the near future I will add one mounted on copper. Just to check it out…
All XM-Ls they sell can be mounted on 16/20mm copper star for 1$ extra.
I have added WW XM-L2 and done some price fixing/update to various stuff…

Also, various other small stuff have been added in the past be me an other users. Thanks to everybody who contribute! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping the database up to date and tidy for everyone to use. Since it seems to keep getting messed up, perhaps you should consider locking it with a password and distributing that pswd to a select few… just a thought.