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This is a public sheet that everyone can edit. Please dont mess it up. Ill try to have a backup. Would be nice if people who edited or added leds took backups once in a while in case someone mess it up.

Please contribute to this thread or spreadsheet if you find new emitters at a good price.
All talk about emitters, prices, etc are allowed here…

Do a calculated estimate on kelvin if the webpage does not specify one exact number, and they specify either tint or kelvin range (from-to). That makes it easier to sort LEDs in the kelvin column.

The “information sheet” have many links to webpages who sells emitters and accessories… Feel free to add or fix information there.

You can sort leds by price, bin, tint, star etc etc…
There are several sheets for several emitters.

Info from XM-L Binning and labeling document that some might find useful and interesting.

Info from XP-G Binning and labeling document that some might find useful and interesting.

Just added XR-Es. :D

very nice!

Thanks Scaru. I also added the XR-E2 sheet (empty). And added sort features to both XR-E sheets.
Did some other cosmetic changes in all the sheets too…

There is no such thing as the XR-E2, you're thinking of the XP-E2. I will try to fill that in later today.

lol… yeah… slip up… I blame it on LED overload! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, added some XP-E2s from Cutter along with XP-Es from IS. I'll add some more sources for XP-E2 later tonight.

Great work! :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to add XP-Es from cutter here the link is.

nice! this is super useful

EDIT: Does anyone know of sources for some 4c/4d of XML-2 t6/do they exist? Or how about those XML-2 s6 warm 90CRI ones?

Ill add the ones from intl-outdoor a bit later. Free shipping + prices seems to be a bit cheaper…

Update: I have added 11 XP-Es to the list…

Here is the link for XM-L2 leds from Mauser. They have XM-L2 S6 warm 90 CRI on order along with various other XM-L2s.
Bare emitters only.

Otherwise it would be the ones from led-tech listed in the spreadsheet.
Intl-outdoor had XM-L2 T2 2700K (E8) for a very limited run… (out of stock)

If anyone else know of more, let me know. Im very interested in warmer XM-L2s. Preferably on star and with low/free shipping.

Added a box on the first page about different LEDs along with a page for MT-G2s.

Nice… Short and simple description.
XP-Gs may be outdated… But they are really cheap @ fasttech…
As much as I dislike Cool white. 2,17$ for one emitter when buying 5 is crazy!
And a 5 pack of TIR optics for them for 1,81$.

Needless to say… I bought some a couple of days ago. All of them will go into one light.

Thanks for this. Wonderful resource for all of us.

Aslo: Great way to see your way to spending more $$$ on stuff you thought you might already have enough of… ! Hmn.

I was considering making a triple emitter light. I was just browsing some sites hoping to find some warmer XP-Gs at a decent price. Then I saw the price @ fasttech and though… F%¤ it… 5 emitter CW light it is! :smiley:

The nice thing with fasttech is that the discount for 3 or 5 emitters is quite nice.

Great work guys, thanks!

Do you think it’ll be a better idea to hyperlink the websites to the products’ actual page?

How to do it?
Could you do it with some of the links on the “XM-L” sheet?

Race, I'll go do a few now. :)

Added MK-R category and one source so far.

*May I suggest we change the “Free Shipping” cell header to simply “Shipping?” It adds zero hierarchical complexity but allows for more accurate description (for example, “Free/No
/$/$$/$$$”*in place of “Yes/No”).-
Actually that doesn’t work due to different rates for international members. So scratch that idea!