Hide stickies

I'd like to collapse stickies or be able to hide them, I have to scroll through them everytime.

I read about security being desirable too, so I think it would be a good idea to get HTTPS whenever possible.

I would also like to know how that works, thanks.

I would like to revive this topic. I have to scroll 4 screens before I see new topics on modding.

I know that for some (all?) threads on the new BLF, you can click on the “pinned” icon to unpin the thread.
(The icon looks like a pushpin.
The pushpin will turn upside-down when you click on it.)
I don’t think that was possible with the old BLF. :+1:

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Thank you so much, I have unpinned a bunch of them.

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Some of those pinned topics are too old, with outdated information, broken links and pictures, there’s probably some clean-up to do.


This isn’t as relevant as it once was, plenty of inexpensive lights available now where this isn’t a concern, the XM-L isn’t even used that much any more.

Unfortunately Lexel isn’t on BLF anymore, this was mostly about flashing his drivers, and while there is some generzl information about flashing, more recent, updated topic might be pinned instead, like Luxad topic : Anduril Flashlight Reflash Reference

Outdated, dead link.

A bit old, broken pictures, there are more recent topics with this info and recent LEDs.

Dead links, low res pictures

Two pinned topics with the same purpose, first one is old with few posts, should be unpinned and linked in the second more active one.

Outdated, this is a more recent list of available drivers : List of drivers

Dead link, then it looks like it was a work in progress that stalled (I only glanced quickly).

Thanks @thefreeman! I followed all your suggestions, they’re always welcome if anybody thinks a thread should be sticky’d or un-sticky’d just let me know.

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Threads that aren’t sticky’d are jealous of threads that are sticky’d, so I suggest stickying EVERY single thread on BLF (just to be fair.) :smiling_imp:

Thank you so much!!

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It might be a good idea to unsticky anything old unless people protest, and resticky them if they get popular or have lots of visits, I got rid of all the stickies. Many of the threads in the giveaways and contests are old contests. It might be a good idea to archive them.

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By the way, welcome back @Lick , glad you made it!

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Thank you, I forgot to come on here after but glad to be back onboard, trying out the new forums. Insane how the old one was just a web page made with plugins!