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i want to collect info about all drivers and where we can buy for help all the modders.

Leave a comment for help and future upgrade in this post!

If you click a link and you don’t find what in the list or the link is dead, please notify me with a private message!!!

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Drivers with various measures sold by company or private seller:


Single Drivers with measure:

13mm Drivers:

5-Mode Boost Driver 0,9V - 1,5V

15mm Drivers:

1-Mode Boost 1.2 v-4.2
MTN-15DDm FET + 7135 2,5V - 4,35V

16mm Drivers:

Boost Driver 1-3 Mode 0,9V - 3,6V

17mm Drivers:

Buck Driver - 2.7V - 14V
BLF A6/X6 4,2V (out of production?)
Dr.Jones H17Fx 4,2V
Dragon Driver 3V - 4,5V
FX-17A 3V-9V
GXB17 by Loneoceans
GXB172 by Loneoceans
H17A 4,2V
Icarus 4,2V by Prometheus Light
LD-4 (data sheet) by Led4power
MOSFET 17MM by Lumencraft
MTN-17DDm FET + 7135 2,5V - 4,35V by Mountain Electronics
MTN-BST2 Boost for 6V-12 led by Mountain Electronics
MTN-MAXlp HP 5V - 18V by Mountain Electronics
Nanjg 105C 4,2V

20mm Drivers:

GXB20 v2 by Loneoceans
MTN-20DDm FET + 7135 2,5V - 4,35V Mountain Electronics
MTN-MAXlp HP 5V - 18V By Mountain Electronics
P2500 3V - 9V - 2,8A
P4000 3V - 9V - 5A
P50003V - 4.5V - 6A

21mm Drivers:

QuadBLF 2.5V-5.5V

22mm Drivers:

16x 7135 6A designed by Alex Wells
FW3A Original Driver 3V - 4,5V - 2,8A - FET+7+1
Lume1 by Loneoceans
MTN-MAX 5V - 18V By Mountain Electronics
P8000 3V-4.2V 8A
Kaido 7135 x14 3V-4.2V 4.9A

26mm Drivers:

MTN-26DDm By Mountain Electronics

28mm Drivers:

LD-51 6V - 8,4V 1.5A For 12V LED (XHP35)

30mm Drivers:

RS70 5,5V - 9V for 6V led
CF FX-30 6V - 13V for 6V led

32mm Drivers:

32MM 5.5V - 13V 5A for 6V led

46mm Drivers:

KZ3905 2.7V - 4.5V

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Nice List!

The Lume1 is listed under 17mm and it’s 21.7mm.

Most drivers in this list obsolete. And only Convoy drivers is available.

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Ops, thank you! Correct

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Thank you! This list is also for remember. If you have some new info about new drivers please comment and I put in the list

Original FW3A HL3A EDC18 FET+7+1 driver:

Thank you, I add asap

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Might be a good idea to add if the driver uses a side switch, tail e-switch or mechanical tailswitch, and if they are Anduril capable or not.

I can add that the 18650 Emisar driver (D4v2, D1v2, DT8) is 22mm in diameter and fits in some of the 21700 e-switch Convoy hosts.

I can add only drivers that have a page in web and we can find them. If Hank in the future sell driver in a page I add the link. Specifically technical stuff for singular driver is a bit complicated. You find the driver and read a manual. For now I post only the name but thank you for upgrade idea

it might be useful to list the driver size and types that different flashlight models use, even tho’ the driver is not listed as a for-sale item. Possibly a separate list or simply combined in the same spreadsheet list. (Make a spreadsheet on Google Drive or can one be hosted here on BLF?). Some sellers, like Hank, have responded favorably to an inquiry to purchase a driver from one of their lights. Other sellers do not and will not offer their drivers as parts.

Hank doesn’t have the drivers listed on his website but usually sells them if you email.

If anything, there is a flashlight modifications google spreadsheet that can be edited, it might just be a better idea to make another sheet on it for drivers sold individually.

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I did not know of that list. Thank you!

I know Hank sell driver but with no web page what we see? A simple description is not properly what I desire.

Nice Google file

I hesitate to edit the sheet as it is not mine, but I am quite certain the FW3A driver is 21.8mm, not 20mm as shown. At least, the FW3A driver being sold presently on aliexpress is 21.8mm according to the webpage.

The first run Sofirn C8F lights I have used 17mm drivers. (18650 cells). I think the latest C8F with the 21700 cells uses a larger driver, possibly 21.8mm as well, but I can not say with certainty right now. There could be a 20mm variant as well I suppose.

The Sofirn SP10S driver I have is 17.2mm and the SP10Pro drivers I have measures at 17.5mm with 18.5 across the locating ears.

So could there be other sizes in other batches???

The sheet isn’t mine either, it is a community project, not too sure who the owner actually is. I’m pretty sure you’re fine as long if you’re adding/correcting it.

I’ve added pretty much all of the LED information myself, after having to dig up some old datasheets from the wayback machine and thinking that there had to be an easier way.

Is anyone aware of any 6V or 12V linear/FET drivers that support Anduril?

So you’re looking for a driver for a 2S or 4S battery config? Because linear/FET only works if the battery voltage is >= output voltage.

Yes. For 6V/12V emitters in high-power setups.
There’s at least one option from Haikelite that runs NarsilM, but I’m not aware of an Anduril build for it and I am not capable of making it
I had a working build for the 30mm MTN 2S FET driver but I had a few complications: I never got the voltage reporting working the way I wanted, and the version I had built used FET+1 with a robust AMC7135 that survived the 2S voltage. Newer 7135s don’t appear to, and I’d be hopeless attempting to rework the ramp table for FET-only.
I think an ideal driver would be similar to the linear+FET drivers that are now common (Convoy and Intl-Outdoors), and adapted for 2S/4S. AFAIK the FETs don’t care about the voltage.

Any reason to not go with a boost driver over a linear/FET? I guess it depends on the power output you’re looking for.