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Thanks for contributing… This document is getting more useful by the second!

Thanks for your efforts.

Should we add some less reputable vendors such as DX, DD, and KD?

Ok, they are all now hyperlinked. From now on if people could hyperlink them when inserting that would be appreciated. Here the format is.

=HYPERLINK("","Led Tech")

It looks better now… I only got to take a few before before u were done scaru.
Funny though… If you watch the first picture (OP). I only wrote the name. Then you added links, so I though… yeah that is probably better even if it did not look as good in my eyes. So I changed mine into links too. :stuck_out_tongue:
But now its the best of both worlds… :slight_smile:

Great work so far guys!

My thoughts:
yes, but only if they have have something others does not have.
When I uploaded the sheet I had added 1x XM-L from DX. It was mounted on cooper star. So quite unique. I think this database should show people what is out there. They can check out other threads about the vendors if they want to choose one vendor over another based on how they are rated by customers. I believe someone have noticed the cooper XM-L I linked to because it it now out of stock! :stuck_out_tongue: (it was not when I added it. Might be a coincident though).

I added some XM-L2s from lightmalls/kaidomain. So far only source for XM-L2 U2 on stars with free shipping (lets hope the bin is U2). Do i personally recommend them over some others stores? Do I trust the bin/tint info as much as some other stores. No. But this thread is a database.
It is nice to have options if some place is out of stock. Up until now, every store that have gotten XM-L2s in stock have been sold out right away. Especially the more popular bins/tints.

Thanks Scaru and RaceR!

The spreadsheet is indeed very useful. :slight_smile:

You have good list here. :glasses: I see that you will put some more on this spreadsheet.

I see that Relic38 found a nice source for XP-G2 on 16mm star. (4$ with shipping)
I added NW white version too (5$).

Not sure about BIN. I see there is a part of picture that says R5. But they have used same background for both emitters.
Description does not specify BIN…

Another very useful source for lumen info. Thanks to all!

Added a few more sources along with some other random info. :)

Added the MC-E, mainly because of the RGB output.

Great work!

What do you US guys have to pay for shipping on small orders from mauser?
Ill have to pay 33$. :Sp My option is to buy lots of emitters and qualify for free shipping, but that would trigger custom fee and taxes. :Sp

I payed 6.99 shipping for an order with 2 XM-L2s and a few transistors(non-flashlight stuff).

wow! No wonder some (/most?) if you guys prefer Mauser over Cutter…

Stock items or not… Mauser XM-L2s are now added! AND, I have fixed BIN info, so now its easy to compare. Much easier than looking at their webpage.

Not sure about the links. Are the links ok? Currently all have “No” in them (for Norway). I removed “NO” from one of them and it seemed to work.

Yep, the links load just fine.


Some nice stuff will be available in the future… I got my eyes on these three:

XM-L2 S6 3000k - 90 CRI!
XM-L2 T4 3500k - 80 CRI!
XM-L2 U2 5700k

Edit: They should be right around the corner, or coming in late this month.

Awesome, I’m about to make a (back)order for those XM-L2 s6 3000k cri90 LEDs.

Does any one know the tint of the XM-L2 t5 (4000k and 4500k)? As in are they more green or red? I’m not sure if the information isn’t listed on mouser or if I can’t find it.