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EDIT: I sent request to IOS and Fasttech for following LEDs:

So far I feel that some leds are a bit overpriced from the chinese sites. XM-L2 close to 10$ at kaidomain/lightmalls, but a complete drop-in with same led is only 2 more. And a complete flashlight only 5$ more than the emitter. Dont get me wrong, im not complaining on their prices! Complete flashlight price seems like a bargain. But I cant help thinking that the emitter is priced a bit high.

Added XM-L2 from leddna. Best price on T6 0D. They have several star options.
Added XP-G2s from leddna. Several star options. Not the best price out there, but good. So far, only source listed for XP-G2 warm white.
I assume their “free shipping” is worldwide.

Added XM-L2 T6 A1 16/20mm from IOS. Their XM-L2 T6 0D 16/20mm are already sold out…

XM-L2 emitters from fasttech

Added from ledtech:
XM-L2 U2 1C on 16mm COOPER star
XM-L2 U2 1C on 16mm alu star

I have also edited first post in this thread. Shortened a bit and added a new picture.
I often see that many people have used the sort feature and taken away LEDs. I added a little explanation on how to see that.
There are now so many XM-L2 LEDs on the list that I think it is better to not show the bare emitters on that page. That way the list can fit on most screens.

Just dropping in again to thank everyone for their contributions. This has been very helpful.

Thanks, and again, thanks to the people who contribute.
Its nice to see some comments here in between all my posts lately… :stuck_out_tongue:

I browsed intl-outdoors new products and just noticed a price drop on their T6 XM-L2s. They are now 6.76$. Spreadsheet is updated with new price and links! :slight_smile:

About the various XM-L emitters from fasttech that is not listed in Cree`s datasheet. This is the short version of the reply I got from fasttech about a week ago.

I don’t doubt U3. But neither of the other ones are listed, or sold anywhere else as far as I am aware.
I can confirm that T4 7C from fasttech have 98% simular tint as the T3 7B I have gotten from intl-outdoor in the past. Maybe the one from Fasttech is 200K “colder”.
I cant say for sure if it is brighter due to slight differences in current. Either way, they seem to be pretty much the same.

Thanks to “halo” for adding:
XP-G2 from fasttech 3,28$
Thought Id post about it since it is very cheap!
I have read the comments on the fasttech boards, and many people ask for full information, so hopefully we will get that. :slight_smile:

is it R5 ?

No one knows yet… Hopefully they will add the info.
If you have an account on the fasttech site. Post in this thread:

Edit: If it is “max 402 lumens” @1,5A like the specs says, it is R3.

Fasttech added the whole product code for the XP-G2. Its most likely R5.

Intl-outdoor have clearance sale on 20mm XM-L U2 1B. 3,95$. (Not added in datasheet)

Moved this thread over to “LED Light Bulbs” forum.

Who added the comment about XML best for single cell lights? My XM-L2 single cell builds are better than any XML, where does this comes from? Just use a low resistance battery - so far, best I found is a Samsung INR 2000, lowest resistance of any battery tested by HJK, or a Pana PD 2900 will do nice.

That was me, the reason I added that is because of the exceptionally high vf of the XM-L2. It was around 4 volts and 3.5 amps if I'm remembering correctly, and no single cell can supply 3.5 amps and still put out 4 volts...

I think match deleted the vf graphs for the XM-L2's and didn't re-post, at least not by now. But I've been getting outstanding results for XM-L2/SinkPAD combos with single cell lights, such as C8's (3), HD 2010, and a T10 IO host build. The tailcap readings for the Nanjg boards at 3.85A can't be achieved with standard batteries such as Panasonic 3100's or 3400's, but with Pana PD's or Samsung INR 2000's, I get the full amp reading, and higher lumens measurements.

The results was posted by Match in one of the new generation emitter thread tests.
The data/graps on vf was later removed by him. Might have been due to inaccuracies?
The data/graps can still be seen here.

If you look at Cree`s datasheets, vf on XM-L and XM-L2 you will see that it is the same. 3,33v @3A.

As long you use an aluminium pcb and are at 3,5A or lower XM-L2 will always be better than XM-L on a single cell on high as far as I can see. That is how I would guess most emitters are driven in single cell lights. If using better cells, you can push a bit further.

I think it would be better do just write.
“About 20% brighter than XM-L” on the XM-L2 comment.

(Tom E beat to to some of the info)

Added a bunch of XP-G2 emitters form Cutter, and some XM-L2.
Basically I added everything they had. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed the XM-L sheet. Someone had messed i up quite seriously.

Added another MT-G2.
MT-G2 group buy in this thread.

Anyone know the difference between 2-step and 4 step?

I didn't notice IlluminationSupply on the list - just bought some XM-L2 T6 3C's from them, think they still got them. The U2's are on back order, Craig mentioned April I believe.

You mean the bare emitters?
If you sort the list for bare emitters you will see several from IlluminationSupply. There is more than 40 XM-L2s listed…
The second picture in the first post shows how to see if some emitters are not listed.