Blf lt1 full charge

Hi I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section or if this has already been discussed . I was reading through the instructions on my lantern , and I noticed it says 4.2v is fully charged. When I fully charge the 18650s (sofirm) my the lt1 only blinks out 4.1v but when I put the same batteries in the q8 it blinks out 4.2 . Can anyone maybe enlighten me with there expertise? Cheers guys

There seems to be some variance in the charge cut off. Mine never reaches 4.2.
Mine stopped at 4.16v and I manage to catch it at the exact moment it cut off.
And I quite happy for that. Easier on the batteries.
You might pull a freshly charge cell and see what what it reads.
Also there is probably some variance in the circuit reading the voltage.
Unless you measure something too low, I suspect you are just seeing normal behavior.
You will get more replies if you put this in the LED Lantern forum.
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From what I’ve gathered, the Anduril voltage indicator is not the most accurate way to judge. I always see variance but it’s not a huge deal.

i dont suppose u could help me . when i go in moon mode the lantern is already on a very dim setting . can that be adjusted as i thought the idea of moon mode is it slowly dims down and eventually turns off

That would be sunset mode. It starts at a higher level and slowly dims down until it reaches “moon mode” and then turns off.

Batteries fresh off of a charge fall almost immediately so the true reading would be after a reasonable period of time . Expect that a day later reading will be more accurate .

Moon mode is simply a low/low usually a sub 1 lumen mode .Firefly is maybe even a tenth of that ..just barely on

The voltage read out uses the control chip which is not 100% accurate. The charging circuit is a separate chip, if you take the batteries out and check them with a volt meter I would expect they will be close to 4.2v.

I find my lantern will flash out 4.1v when fully charged even if the cells are 4.2v. But it doesn’t matter as the charging chip is separate.

One useful feature of the new Sofirn Q8 and LT1 is that they use the same tube for the batteries, so I use the LT1 to charge the batteries for my Q8 and then swap the tubes over!