*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Will purchasing Samsung 35E cells with this light be an option?

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Probably not. Sofirn has their own cells which aren’t wrapped 35e’s. Although I guess they could be.

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It depends on what Sofirn has for cells to offer with the LT1, i know they have some good quality 3400mAh 18650s in their website, maybe they can offer those as an extra cost package option. (I will talk to Barry & the team about that for when it goes into production and is ready for ordering.

Sofirn is unlikely to offer Samsung 35E’s as that’s not one of their standard OEM options, but their kit cells are typically good values, even if they aren’t the best thing available.

My only concern has been whether or not the 3400mAh is actually a different cell than their 3000mAh. Nooner found them to appear identical and have the same capacities HERE. The 3400 appeared to be just a protected, button-top version of the 3000. Both measured ~3000mAh.

If Sofirn bundle 4 cells for a few extra dollars, the upside will be that they seem to have a large supply of those cells; this “DLG” brand seems ubiquitous in at least some parts of China. This will almost guarantee that you get cells for your LT1 even if you later decide to purchase nicer, more expensive cells.

Ok, that makes more sense - I read that all wrong!

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Some time back I bookmarked this site — Any thoughts on this battery … … Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA Protected 3500mAh


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I like them. I use the unprotected version mostly.

I also got some unprotected button tops from Li Ion Wholesale. They add the button tops themselves. They spot weld them & do it correctly. They do a great job.

Here is a link to PANASONIC/SANYO NCR18650GA UNPROTECTED BUTTON TOP at LiIon Wholesale. They also have these in Protected Button Tops as well as many other battery brands & sizes.

Hope this helps. . :slight_smile:

Appreciate your thoughts — Also bookmarked the site.

I’m leaning towards the protected cells — As I’m giving the LT1 to family members as gifts and don’t want them to have any battery issues.

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It would certainly be convenient to order them together, but even still some 3400’s would also be okay for this light where drain doesn’t matter

Keep us posted mate and thanks again for all your hard work :slight_smile:

Would it actually be better/easier to use protected cells here vs unprotected given the built-in features of the LT1? Just trying to figure out for the same purposes of potential gift giving…

If they never take out the cells(since there is USB-C charging), unprotected cells would be your best bet.

Thanks for the fast response! And there wouldn’t be a risk of over-charging using USB-C or anything like that?

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The LT1 uses the modern TP5100 series charger chip, so the cells are always properly charged & protected with the lantern’s circuits.

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Suit yourself, but protected batteries are pretty much unnessary in the LT1. It has protection & safeguards built in already.

But do use button tops either way you go.

As was discussed for the Q8 also, which uses the same battery configuration, in a 4xparallel configuration protected batteries do have a real advantage: no driver protects you from inserting one of the batteries the wrong way and upon closing the light frying the springs, or worse, from direct shorting the batteries against each other. It will happen at some point. Using protected batteries at least saves you from collapsing springs, that nasty resulting smell afterwards, and having to find and solder at least two new springs.

/\. Thanks djozz for adding that. . :beer:
I stand corrected for leaving that part/concern out. :+1:

I guess that is why BSM wrote “if the batteries will not be removed”.

As in my Q8’s I’ll just use unprotected in my LT1’s…. BUT, this certainly might not be the best choice for everyone.


Between the Samsung 35E and the Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA, which unprotected cell is better suited for the LT1? Or am I splitting hairs?