*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)


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A single Type C port would be sufficient. With USB Power Delivery standard, that single port can be used as both input and output.
For the long term, removal or Type A slot shouldn’t hurt anyone. For a short term - many people would have to use $0.40 adapters
This may or may not be cheaper to produce than dual port. Personally I’d prefer the PD way, but I guess that could make some people unhappy.

I wouldn’t include a charge cable at all. Doesn’t everyone have a collection of cables that’s tailored to their needs?

This is not the meme you’re looking for.

If single type C can do both function without more cost why not ,that also improve the water resistant.

I’m interested, if price is right! Good work!!

That’s looking great! :+1:

I really like the proportions of the shortened model.

I’m interested in one, maybe an extra later, but that depends on the price.

YESSSSSSSSS!!! The short version looks much more proportional too.

As to tint selection, here’s a very interesting post

I’m #310 on the list.
After seeing the updated spec sheet, and shorter form rendering…I may be interested in a 2nd unit with acc kits for both.

I like the shorter version a lot

Yes the shorter version looks great!

I like the shorter version

OTOH, perfect CRI does not always give the most vivid colors. Sometimes wide-spectrum can make colors pop more than high CRI. Getting the mixture right can be tricky though… and if done wrong, it looks bad.

I haven’t done a 3000K + 5000K mix yet in a flashlight, so I don’t know how it looks. It’ll be interesting to find out. Two 3000K and two 5000K bulbs works really well for bathroom lighting though, and makes it much easier to discern subtle shades while applying makeup.

Ditto this. My EDC for the past ~1.5 years has been a mixed tint XP-G3 based triple. It uses a 90cri 5700k, 90cri 3000k and a 5000k with a forgotten CRI.

I keep trying other LED’s and setups but just can not get anything that can match the tint and color in the real world to the human eye.

The only other LED that comes close is the 9080 219B but it gives up too much output but it does look a little better.

Tint mixing 2700K with 5000K, as I think is planned for the lantern, does not get you as far below the BBL as the 2700K/6500K example in the graph from Yuji and the Zanflare T1, and the CRI will therefore not be that far off either.

I would have loved to test an array of 3000k and 5000k Samsung LEDs, but I haven’t actually ordered LH351Ds 2700-3000k to see how the tint mix would work at full power.

The problem is that I only have 3000k LH351Bs and 4000k LH351Ds, and mixing them together would not be too smart since their forward voltage is different.

That accessory list is great. Especially the broader stand.

Also, I’d like to add that we need a quality manufacturer for the USB cable. 20-22AWG power is necessary at 12FT/4M. At that length, we need as little Vdrop as possible.

Definitely a higher-guage for the longer cable. I had a hard time finding goods ones, but have a 12 foot that handles high charge amps quite well.