*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

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I am interested 1x

please add me to the list for one. Thanks

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DBSAR, if you want you could likely just copy and paste this to the last list update I provided and update the OP at your convenience, or I can send you a full update some time in the future. I plan to periodically show recent additions in this sort of format from now on. I will still try to welcome new members who post here in the interest thread first (I am sure I have missed some, sorry bout that and a belated welcome to BLF to those I missed, the second round is on me also :beer: :beer: )

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I don’t see my name on the list :expressionless: (*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020) - #2763 by Lothar)

Thanks for pointing that out. Surprised I don’t get fired from this job. . . :person_facepalming:

I added you for 4 Lothar, split the difference. I also added Gregor who I missed in the post just after yours.
I went through the last couple pages and think I got everyone, but it doesn’t hurt for you to check like Lothar did. :+1:

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interest list sorted by entry number

interest list sorted by user names

I’ve resisted long enough. Put me in for 1.

Count me in for interest in 1 please.

Please add me to the list for 1. Thanks.

you have one on the list at 599, and I have added you for a second as well at number 1027.

1027 toxiccoccyx
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Done deal :slight_smile: much easier to add the new interest list names in small lots like that. ( Updated the OP to #1029

I will keep doing it that way then, as it is also much easier for me. :beer:

sounds good.

Here below shows the shortened version of the lantern, based from Lexel’s modified drawing, with added knurling to the mid section. ( the battery tube can be the same exact one used for the Sofirn Q8 if that saves cost/price per unit, and eliminate the four flat spots ( like the Sofirn Q8) as the flat sections is not needed.

The flats section look good to me it can reduce some weight and also have the logo on it if the mid section is knurling.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerm nope…. This is not the lantern you are looking for! (say is with a hint of jedi)

if it don’t add cost per unit, then we can still have them like the original Q8 has. The logo will probably be etched around the head or just below the mid section knurling.

Current design Specifications for the BLF LT1 Lantern will be close to these below:


- uses up to four button-top 18650 LiIon cells (in parallel configuration) Driver based from Lexel, Firmware from Toykeeper (LT1-Anduril)

- 150mm tall x 57mm wide

- Lighted electronic switch, (same as Q8 but with amber or yellow LED.

- USB charging, (either USB-micro, preferably newer USB-C input

- USB Power-bank charging out port, (up to 2.1 minimum continuous Amps for smartphones or tablet charging)

- down-firing LED design, with four Samsung LH351D 2700K high-CRI LEDs,
and four Samsung LH351D 5000K High CRI LEDs.

- Tint range from 2700 up to 5000K with Tint ramping feature.

- between 700 to 900 lumens on maximum mode.

- Ability to run lantern on the lower modes while charging from a minimum of 10 watt solar panel) (able to sustain a minimum of 1 amp charging rate.

- up to 1.75 amps at the four cells combined on maximum draw, on maximum mode.

- minimum water resistant of a IP67 / IPX7 rating

- electronic & mechanical lock out. (Mechanical by loosening battery tube

- 1/4”–20 tripod mount on bottom for use as a raised lantern on a tripod.

- 1/4”–20 tripod mount on back of lantern, same as Q8 (for accessory

- steel loops on head for addition of para cord Lanyard( or one included with the lantern)

  • 20% lens frosting (or frosted internal sleeve) for smoother light, but not reduce the output no lower than 5% of bare LEDs.

- Up-coming available accessory kit will include:
> white durable plastic directional reflector, (covers 40% of one side of the lens increasing light in one direction.)
>plastic snap on wide base cap for more stability (similar to the ones used for the propane gas Coleman lanterns for stability)
> long 12 foot USB charge cable (for remote Solar charging)
> padded woven storage sleeve storage case.
> upper “wide-hat” plastic white hood brim/reflector for increasing light
downward when hanging above outdoors.



I am already testing & refining newly designed accessories with the V2 Prototype now, that will be a good addition for the production model. :slight_smile: