BLF LT1M - LT1 Mini (link to project)

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I wish anduril had a muggle mode that had full brightness.


I think there are some mistake here. Lantern for backpack can’t be simply scaled from large-size camping lantern, like LT1.

LT1, of course, is very featured product for specific use. We can easy use it for autocamping, or use on village summer-house. There are a lot of power in 4*18650, powerful throw up to 700 lumen. For large amount of people or large tent in such cases, we can place it on the large table or hang somewhere.
In this situation accucase works as stand for emitter, and a little place near it with low light not used. Moreover, plump accucase works as stable support on flat table.

But in case of backpack and hiking use such design, scaled to 1 21700 accu d’t seem so nice. There are not large companies, there are not large flat tables in large tent. Sometime it’s used for small tent, right on blanket for two-three peoples. So we d’t need so long (accucase+emitterglass) and so slim lantern. Because it would be instable on blanket. And we d’t need upper opaque reflector. Because very often it could be fixed head over heels.
And we d’t need 360 horizontal cover everytime. We, sometime would need only 180 degrees light on one side and on the end of lantern

So, i can assume, that the best variant would be a little thicker layout, where battery (21700) is inside case and emitter. With strong but little ground magnetic support.
As example of round we can look at Zanflare T1(which can change color temperature), and oval - like Nitecore LR50 (which can use different sides because of task).
T1 could be easily used on any position - on flat table, on metal screw, on hook in car, on blanket - very stable because of it’s size and proportions of length to width.
LR50 could be easy used by two or three persons with power economy - just disable unused side.

I think, that true little backpack lantern with low weight and sizes should be a combination of well used LEDs like Samsung LH351 of different color temperature, anduril interface and emitter built AROUND batterycase. And, of course, with ability to disable butt light and at least one side.
By this we would receive very stable lantern, which could stand up even on sleeping bag, work wonderfully head over heels, work for a long time because of economy on unused sides, have positive buoyance and be very nice backpack lantern.

The main question is, of course, how we can use energy-efficient leds like LH351 in such construction? May be, we can place them around inner battery case polished column on footing of lantern, pointed them to the upper end of lantern, some light would leave throw frosted glass and other mirrored from battery column.
Another question is heat dissipation. Of course, we would be limited by metal area of footing. But for backpack light high brightness is not very important, moreover, we could by throwing of light for unused side and power of LEDs easy use available dissipation possibility.As example, the average light flow would be arount 200lumens, but that could be 200 lumens on everyside (180 degrees on horizotal and upper end), and 200 lumens only from one 180 degrees side. I think this would be enough for hiking tent or small place of evening eating etc.

Of course, the path of just scaling LT1 is very easy, especially by using IF25 host. But i am truly sure, that real backpack lantern should have different layout.

Or we can simply use IF25 with diffuser. Voila.

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I’m interested in one!

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I’ve been away for awhile. Is this project still alive?

Yes, but you’re on the wrong page. Post #189 has the link to the new thread

Yep, its moved over to here: >> ** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

Yes, production units soon be out. (Covid slowed things down though.