BLF LT1M - LT1 Mini (link to project)

Sept,27,2020 > Hi Everyone! I have been absent lately due to many things, especially the last couple months with packing things, down-sizing, ans selling my house. I have a closing date for Oct 15th, and will be moving east to Newfoundland at that time. After i get moved, re-settled in a new place i will returning to here a lot more to continue the LT1 and LT1 Mini Projects. In the mean time, for the next couple months i will be living off-grid in my 23 foot RV trailer, and will create some new offgrid living experience videos. :smiley: - Dennis

-The LT1M-Mini has a project thread now, it is located here: >> ** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

Sofirm sent a couple host lights to work on designing a BLF LT1 Mini project from, one was a SP33, and the other was the IF25. after picking both apart, studying ideas, on boht of the lights, i came to the conclusion the IF25 is a great start host, as it already has tint-ramping, USB-C charging, and single 21700 or 18650 format size. I am currently designing & testing many head diffusers & shades ideas, and working to keep this smaller LT1 as the upfiring factory design, but with a very unique head i designed & am testing. stay tuned for the upcoming video of the birth of the LT1M, the more pocketable, hiker & backpack friendly compact Mini LT1 :smiley:

  • Teaser photo below of the V1 prototype of the LT1M. I hope we can keep the price point of this smaller variant low like the MSRP of the original IF25 it is based from, and will have tint ramping, USB-C charging, and use the same Andruil firmware if we can shoe-horn Toykeeper’s amazing firmware of the LT1 into the Mini.

Update: 01/03/2020) i am awaiting for a couple potential hosts bases from Barry & Sofirn shipped out to me a couple weeks back, once i receive them i can work on the design & testing for the micro/Mini LT1.

Ok, i had a brainstorm on a LT1 “Micro” for those wanting something small enough to back pack.
I am looking to find a cheap 21700 host( or 26650) (with driver maybe, was thinking of a FW3A with the andruil firmware if i had one to sacrifice. A been doing some testing on a regular flashlight, but using a frosted lens internal reflector, to reduce hard lighting and a very unique shade/globe design with a dual-purpose shade design i been testing in secret, so it can remain with the LED firing up as it will be a single LED in the center, but still have very low side glare as most up-firing lanterns have.
It is planned to be a tiny Micro LT1, with a single 21500 5000mah cell,(or 26650) reduced amps draw, a 2700K or 4000K tint High CRI LED, built in USB charging, and small enough to back pack. Th only issue is it would be nice to find a host that has built in USB charging. I know of some 26650 lights that have built in USB charging, but cost a bit more than i can buy atm to sacrifice if for another lantern project.

I’m in! :smiley:

It sounds like it will be another awesome design!

Can you just make a lantern head that would screw onto an existing flashlight body?

You mean something like this? The Yogurt Lantern
Btw. I have work on it in progress with better build quality and magnetically attachable shade. Most of it done, but not published yet.


Do you know there is a subscribe button just for this?

That’s even simpler than what I was thinking…I was thinking of a head with LED’s in it…but your idea seems less involved and more universal.

Yes please! 21700 would be great, not too large but capable of 5000mah.

Sounds great to me!

Sounds like a very good idea.
You need to start a interest list to show how many light someone like Sofrin could sell

Up top…

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In my 18650 lantern mod I used a Philips bulb optic to spread the light coming from the underside. A similar optic could be used for this micro-lantern.

I have always wanted to have a real flashlight similar to the fw3a that was also a very good lantern at the same time, without having to reconfigure it. Like putting leds and a diffuser in the smaller diameter part of the handle that would radiate light either in 180 or 360 degrees depending in what you need at the time. Like for working under the hood of a car, or as area camp lighting.

That way you dont have to carry both a flashlight and a lantern.

I know there are flashlights like this, but not ones that are well done like your lt1 is.

I’m interested in your concept!

I’m so in.

If this is the spot where we opt in for one then I`m in. :smiley:

Looks like it could work

That one is definitely a good candidate for a LT1 Micro base start point. Though with the tint ramping option that would increase cost like it did with the full-size LT1.
I was thinking of a single tint/single LED micro lantern with a good price point range of between 25 to 35 usd. (though a deluxe model could be designed to use that tint ramp option at a price range of 38 to 45 usd as that IF25 retails for now.

Yes I do. It is more of a show of support to DBSAR

Pick an existing flashlight, make some lamp head that screws on in place of the bezel…viola’!

Or is that stupid?

Just thinking with my “easy” hat on…

Dual purpose…flashlight for looking around, lantern for sitting around…

Fancy is fun, but when I backpack/camp…I only need just ANY light for night chores/going to the bathroom.

In for 2 of whatever it becomes.