BLF Q8 $58.65 on Amazon Aus!

The Q8 is finally available in Australia, and for a bargain price! This was posted in the TF Amazon Au thread but I reckon it needs it’s own thread for those that might not see it.

ThorFire BLF Q8
Original Price: $78.2
Deal Price: $58.65
25% off coupon code: 8PSGKD5G

I was almost tempted to try the priority shipping, it was claimed that if I ordered before XX:XXam this morning I would have it on or before tomorrow! No idea how they would manage that, guessing they must use really good couriers. Unfortunately money being rather not so abundant free shipping with delivery by next Friday was chosen.

That really is a fantastic deal - better than Banggood’s coupon price and much faster postage.

I’ve been tempted by the Q8 for a while and there’s no way I could resist that deal.

For any other Australians who have been thinking about a Q8, now is definitely the time.

According to Amazon the Q8 should be arriving today :partying_face:

Cells are on charge and night can’t get here fast enough! I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to receiving a light as much as I am this one.

Can you do a spring bypass? It has made a big difference to mine.

Mine arrived this morning. I was already running late for work, but I still ran back upstairs, put some cells in, and took the Q8 to work with me. :smiley:

This probably belongs in the modding thread but…

What gauge wire did you use? Did you remove the inner springs?

No springs removed. I run around the outside of the spring as its easier for me to do. I probably used something like 22 AWG wire. It was awhile ago. A good clean up of all the contacts makes a difference as well.

It arrived today and I am really impressed. I have only used the excellent DrJones ramping UI and thought I might struggle learning a new ramping UI for the Q8 but it is very intuitive. I figured out ramping, max level, battery check and the first strobe without having to check the instructions.

Never done a bypass but I will try on a C8, if successful I will bypass the Q8. I don’t have Teflon coated wire though, I do have half a wiring loom left from an engine swap so will test thickness vs flexibility to see what works.

I’m happy for discussion of Q8 mods, it will make them easier for me to find :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaycar sells 18 AWG silicone insulated wire. It’s much thicker and less flexible than the stuff I got from Lexel (and promptly lost), but I have managed to do spring bypasses and emitter leads with it.

Cutter Electronics sells 24 AWG Teflon and 18 AWG silicone insulated wire. I haven’t tried either yet but I’ve ordered some.

I’ve been meaning to start a thread about Australian component suppliers - those two are the only two I’ve found that sell in small quantities.

I’ve never used Teflon wire. I believe Teflon is not as flexible as silicone so would stick to silicone.