BLF Q8 vs TN36-UT or similar

I’ve been thinking of getting a floody light but don’t want to break the bank. I was considering getting the older TN36-UT but then noticed a lot of chat about the BLF Q8 made by ThorFire. Does anyone have experience with both? How does the beam profile (flood) of the BLF Q8 compare with the TN36? Price wise it seems the BLF Q8 is a no brainer but how does it compete with the likes of flooders like the TN36 or Olight X7? TIA

The TN36 have more flood for sure and more lumens but Q8 have a good amount of flood too and more throw…….

Tn36ut or olight x7 produce wide flood… I think q8 is s good buy for $50-$60.

Ah, okay, so maybe the Q8 output is more like the Nitecore TM26 then (fairly floody but more narrow). The Q8 definitely sounds like a great value.

Yeah with discount code you can buy under U$50 for sure and I think the beam is wider than TM26….

TM26 seems horrible to me :confounded:

Yes. I will say buy a q8. Awesome user interface…

Can’t go wrong with the Q8 for the price.

Beam is quite balanced and tint a very nice NW. If you really want more lumen, you can do a simple spring bypass and gain 1200+ lumen to reach 6.5-7k. More then plenty in most situations. :wink:

PS: and yes the UI is great too.

Alright, you guys talked me into it. Now the wait…

You wont regret it - and probably want another one! :laughing:
Get ready with a good set of 4 high drain cells - 30Q, HG2, VTC5A/6… button top.
You’ll still be amazed how good it can be on a single cell though.