BLF Sabre......

don’t attach the ribs. Machine head out of single piece.

without any knurling the look may be good, but not really practical for using it

This rendering is a display of the concept. There is going to be a more production and utilitarian worthy design.

Andrew and I are doing this for fun. He took an hour to do this and every change is another hour. So yes, he and I are talking behind the scenes for a more production worthy design.

Nice project Spartns :wink:
Can you please resize the photos to 100% (using the editions tools above the writing box)? Thank you :wink:

Nailed it!

Budget Forum (about) Lights!!
The forum is budget, the lights…sometimes :smiley: :money_mouth_face:

A quick comment if you will allow me on what will power this light. Single emitter or multi emitter, please oh please make sure of proper moonlight modes. The only thing that has kept me from using multi emitter lights for everything I do is the inability of them to do a proper moonlight mode. I don’t know if it’s a hardware issue or what. I just know there isn’t a single multi emitter light that I have had that can pull off a moonlight mode. 1 lumen is too bright for a moon mode. .5 can be too bright sometimes as well.

That and few other things are what keep me from buying more multi emitter lights. XHP lights seem to not be able to get super low either. Don’t know if that has to do with the characteristics of the buck driver in single cell lights or not. It’s damn irritating for us who really need those lows.

Other than that it is a great looking design.


Machining the head, ribs and body out of a single piece would provide the best possible combination of strength and heat transfer.

Impossible to do because I want to fin the back of the light. Plus I want the smaller mass of the fins to limit the heat transfer AND their “area to mass” cooling down faster.

I have a very good (but still to be tested) way to attach the fins to the body, but it would depend on what the manufacturer is capable of doing.

The idea was not just about styling, but also function. In this case, I think the two merge nicely.

DAMMIT! I am a designer….don’t bother me with the DETAILS! lol

All of the details are yet to be worked out. The first thing I want to do is make it a manufacturing able design then size and details to be worked out.

To be honest and transparent, this is a hobby and my only “desire” from a manufacturer would be BLF community recognition and discount consideration for the members. I can and will work with them to raise it to a production level item, after all, this is my profession (retired) but I don’t know how to get “free” done. Usually for me it was design/product/manufacture either for the people who hired me or my own company. I don’t know how to turn this “free” into a product that someone can pick up.

Also, this is out of my old field of business/industry/production. I don’t know anyone in the flashlight industry other then some basic contact with Sofirn.

If someone has an idea how to move this along to a get it into production, or a company that is willing to produce it, then by all means.

Well, we (not me, but other BLF members) have connections now with a few different flashlight manufacturers, some of them very well established, and others very hungry for market share. So, for one of them to be able to make a functional light out of just an aesthetic design like this, shouldn’t be too hard. They have BLF driver designs and firmware already “in stock” from making previous lights.

Uhh… you mean firefly mode, don’t you? Usually, when we talk about moonlight mode around here, we mean anywhere in the range of “almost-a-lumen” to “a few lumens” which would include the range that you say is “too bright”. Firefly mode is what many of us think of as being well under a lumen. And very few of us want that or find it useful. That’s probably why we haven’t had it as a priority on any of our BLF lights. That being said, it is theoretically supported in many of our driver designs and some (most?) of our firmware choices.

@Spartans: pm sent

It looks like a slippery fingerprint magnet with a light on the end

I got a PM from tata….so the ball is rolling.

As I wrote to tata, the manufacturer has to be in good standing and reputable with BLF.

Call it what you will, don’t matter to me what you call it. It’s just not implemented well on EDC, do almost everything flashlights. A theory is a fact that has been done over and over and is readily accepted as a fact. When in fact it is rarely done or done well in multi emitter lights.

The statement of very few of us want that kind of feature isn’t really factual either. Unless of course you have polled everyone that is active here and then that is really only a poll of a very small group of enthusiast. There has been a many of threads about sub lumen lows and their implementation, or lack there of. You can even see a few folks who, when a new light is introduced, notice the lack of such modes and don’t buy it. That doesn’t even include the people that aren’t active here, the shy ones who don’t speak up, lurkers, or the general public that don’t even know we exist.

It’s constructive input on a light that Spartan was kind enough to render and start throwing ideas around. I put in my two cents. You should to. Or you can just crap on everyone else’s input because it doesn’t match your desires. I feel the same thing about the CRI bunch but I don’t go crashing their party and slapping lights out of their hands either.

So maybe you should try to not be an elitist while thinking you speak for the masses because I will call you out on it every single time.

I am only thinking of function. Make the Head/body longer then most lights.

In that case, machine the head and fins as a single piece and then attach the fins to the battery tube.

The fins should be machined from the same piece as the head in order to maximize heat transfer. If each fin is a completely separate element that then gets glued on there would be much reduced heat transfer. In that case the fins would mostly just be decorative.

BLF ?? BFL ?? I'd still buy the light either way .

How about BLR >>

Pretty damn funny

lol. cockroach named Vern

I like it AS IS.

I don’t see a practical reason to limit heat transfer away from the head, that is just making the led hotter then it needs to be and it makes the body not help cool the emitter.

Make it as bright as is possible. I don’t know why there are so many here who can’t turn the brightness down, it’s not like these are single mode lights. Most would rather to have an option to and not use it, then to not have that option. Firmware development is excellent, we are not stuck with five modes, 3 of them being blinkey.

Imo keep the smooth finish. I get it gets slippery, but I don’t think you are making an edc light here. Let it be beautiful, it’s still usable and there are hundreds of edc lights that are shelf queens.

Some people get annoyed when there are 17 modes, five of which last less than 15 seconds (yes that’s an exaggeration)


The design was not meant to be an “Art Deco” decoration sitting on some shelf. So yes, the head and fins are from one piece so there is heat transfer and toughness. The only problem is how stylish will the fins be. To machine an airfoil design will take a lot of machining so there will be a more practical design.

I want the design it to be cost effective, tough, better functionality and…look great. None of those objectives will exclude or hamper one another.

BTW….I went back on the thread and appear that I confuse a couple of people. It’s my fault because I misread or misunderstood their comment.