BLF Sabre......

Here is the crazy concept and thanks to Andrew great skill, we can see it in 3D.

What do you guys think of it?

Like it!
Nice work.

Not crazy about the bling switch button though.
Looks different and different is good :slight_smile:


Looks nice. Looks easy to drop. Very art deco looking, I like it. Make it practical, not a 10000 lumen for 15seconds hot rod.

Andrew rendered it and it looks like a stainless steel version, but it can be just as easily done in black anodizing aluminum with ribbing.

Anyone want to spec it?

Single 21700? 3,000 lumen? 2” in diameter lens?

Or monster?

I see we are back to the Big F*ing Light nomenclature. Nice!


I’m a wannabe architect who landed up in design and engineering. Wright was my God and Art Deco was my paradise.

Andrew deserves the credit for turning my crazy into 3D

Going by the renderings, it is way to big to be practical .


it's BLF

What are the dimensions? We need something for scale. What cell will it run on?

It’s not sized on purpose. It could be a single 21700 battery and 5” long.

What if you called it the BLF BFL? :smiley:

Now I see where you’re going with the vertical fins and it’s pretty looking, that’s for sure. The overall shape needs something, it’s a little maglight for me but the fin setup with almost pedistal like head is cool. I can see our hobby machinists here really taking that idea to the extreme!

Having said that, I HATE the button, that’ll be impossible to locate by feel! Take a look at Zebralight designs and the new Fireflies EO7 for some elegant, but extremely functional button design. Neither are perfect but they’re both examples of making the button easily locatable by feel and especially the Zebralight have a design that just naturally falls into the hand always in the correct orientation.

Few things piss me off more than not being able to get a light off cause once that big wall of light hits my eyes adjust and I can’t see the minut little switch LED anymore and if it’s not east to find by feel alone I’ll have to crack the tail cap to shut it off.

Do the fins stick out far enough to prevent the light from rolling?

Still too big. Photos need to be smaller. Set the switch in between 2 fins Zebralight style. Make fins longer to prevent role off.

Oh and make the photos smaller.

[Quote]BFL Breast Firm and Lactating

Nailed it!

It was a spelling mistake. Just point it out and say so….

It’s a concept and far from a finished design ready for production.

There is the question as to how to attach the ribs to the cap. I have a pretty good idea how but still a work in progress.

On the cap there could be flat spots or the button is between the ribs. If I flat spot the cap where the button is, then it would be easier to “feel” the position. The fins could give it extra tactile locating ability.

This appears to be smooth steel but the body and head can be more conventional with ribbing and knurling.

The first step was to detach the head from the body through fins for several practical reasons. Plus by doing so it’s distinctive and ummm….stylish. Yes, Spartan making things “stylish”. LOL

From there, size and details to follow.

On a horizontal surface, the edge of the two fins and the edge of the cap will give it three point contact and no rolling.