BLF Special edition Tank007 - Preview !

Just a quick preview = Not a review ... Review will be posted ?? Friday ....

Modes = Hi - Med - Lo with memory ...

Initial thoughts :

Has a little heft to it , to best describe it = Just right . Its easy to use , twist from the tail - turn it on and off - twist from the middle - change modes - or twist from the tail to change modes .. you can have it both ways .

So far I like it

Will post a review Friday ...

No way! Do you have a chartered freight flight from Shenzhen to your own private landing strip? Congrats on receiving it so fast!

That's crazy fast champ, I got mine dispatched TODAY, so should have mine in a week or so.

Oh c'mon!, give us more!!! not fair :(

Got it about 2 hours ago , went to the post box , and there it was ,

How did I get it so fast ???????? not sure ...

Charging some batteries now : Might be able to post a review earlier = Maybe !

Ok more - Low is very low [ haven't measured it yet ]

And High seems to be bright on a AA - compared to other AA lights ,

Looks like you need to hold it at a chosen level for 4 seconds [ turn it on and hold for 4 seconds ] and then it will be locked in [ mode ] , turn it back on as quick as you like and it will hold the mode as long as you keep it on for 4 seconds or more .

I have seen that light on ebay.

What about the tint ?

I knew you were a manafont shill :P

come on spill the beans how low is low have a 3 lumen nitecore ex-10..tell me it's lower than that .. throw flood ? green ? smooth beam or ringy ??

PWM that's a good question .tanks aren't known for their lack of bad pwm .. tell me a miracle has occured ..

Ilikeflashlights ...stop talking about ebay ...I hate ebay

Yeah, it's the Tank007 E07

which emitter is it? photos of emitter? :) sorry, I don't mean to rush. Just eager to hear/see more :)

I am quite confident that they got the low mode right. Jim @ Manafont has a personal unit of the first BLF customized light, which had an extremely dim low mode, and he says this custom E07 is visually dimmer still. (Sorry, kind of silly for me to speculate when Old has it in his hand right now. :p

Old, we're going to squeeze this review out of you drop by drop... :)

What most concerns me is the mode memory. Do you like the 4-seconds-then-remembered logic? It actually sounds quite good to me.

This was the light I was thinking it reminded me of.

But I see it now.

No modes though.

Well I get some great deals off there.

I love it.

PWM = Its there , and its somewhat slow , which Im sure some wont like ...

Beam tint , Id say warm ' ish , beam , some what ringy due to the smooth reflector .[ How it is outside once the sun goes down - ill take beams tonight ]

I will try and have the review posted tonight : You guys can wait a few hours ?


At least tell us that much before the review! If they got that part right I'm happily keep both lights I ordered as soon as it was available. Sure wish mine would arrive as quickly as yours did. :)

I am sure this is a very good light capable of taking on the branded lights in the 50-80 dollar range. Look at the built/heft of it. (front shot) I have also started to do some extreme shock tests on the smaller and flimsier sibling, the TK-703. Very good, no doubt about it.

I do like it ... Turn the light on for 4 seconds and then it matters not how quickly you turn it back on , it will hold the mode . I can live with that ...

If you dont like the mode your in , you have 3 seconds to do some thing about it ..

For old people , small children , or anyone that has a disability that would slow this process down , it could be a issue .. [ Maybe ] 3 seconds is a long time when changing modes .

Low = 2Lumen