BLF Ti: Update the switch

Took out the switch from EE-X6,and it works perfectly with BLF Ti. So I got some more,but they don't fit again. Checked with EE,they told me it's another production,with smaller threads,which will fall out if in the BLF Ti. While the old ones work. If you have X6, pls try it.

I will buy some switches set from them. So you can update the BLF Ti.

If you're interested,pls sign up. Counting will end in 2 days. I will get some more for the late birds,but not too many.

Price:2.5$/set. Parcel Tracking:add 1.5$.

Can I get 3 please?

Sure. You might get more if you need it on other lights.

Only have 2 of these lights! Dunno if I have anything else that fits these.

Yes, I'd like one update switch set please :-) thanks for the effort making the switch better!

(shall I PP the $2.5 now?)

2sets please.

I ask 2 units.
In this what I got, the thread on the switch is too small and I can push it my finger through the casing.

I’ll take 2 sets too.

Put me down for one set please.

One for me please and thanks.

What exactly is the issue with the switch. My host is now in New York so I might have it in 3-4 days. Large/small omtens with pcb from RMM are cheap so why do I need a $2.50 switch? Is the switch retainer wrong? Somebody please post a pic?

I'm not sure I understand your question RBD. Have you got enough spares? You'll have to tell me the secret.

I’m sure I’m supposed to laugh so here I am rotflmao but why I ask? Spares? I already have plenty of things that don’t go together, switches included. I just would like to know what the problem is with the one that comes with it since I can’t yet see it for myself.

Four please. PayPal incoming. Thanks!

Same here. I’d like to know also?

2 sets for me please, Rey. :)

It could work, problem is high resistance spring, and it cant take too much heat.

Take it easy, decide whether to update it or not, after you receive it.

I think the X6 switch can take more amps than the one with the Ti and can be easily modded for even less resistance.

The quality of the delivered switch is a bit doubtful and can not be improved (very thin spring that I could not bypass). This switch housing has its own threading so there is no retaining ring included. A replacement with a standard-Omten-on-17mmboard works fine provided there is a retaining ring for it with correct threading. I don't have one of those with correct threading spare so that is why I'm interested in the switch-set, not because of the switch (I have some), but because of the ring.

Thanks Jos, so the new switch would be an upgrade but the retainer is needed to complete the upgrade and is why one would get the convoy set. Correct?