BLF Trading Thread: *trade / swap your flashlights here*

Trade / swap / exchange your flashlights, accessories and parts thread

Trade your flashlight related stuff here:

What stuff do you have lying around, and are willing to swap?

Please tell us what you have

And what you`d like to have it trade for

If you have multiple items with different value, please make it clear what each thing can be traded for.

And please delete or edit your post when deal is done

exchange your unwanted flashlights, parts and accessories

Please highlight stuff you want to trade and get. To make it more visible to people watching this thread.

(both colors taken from the bottom row of the color pallet)

Light Yellow for the stuff you have

Light Blue for the stuff you want

(or just copy and paste the above text, so you dont need to look for the same colors ;)

Stuff I have, and would like to trade:

  • Sunwayman G20C

  • BLF A6 host only (no driver/lens/led/reflector)

See pictures here

Things I would be interested in:

  • Simple AA or double AA flashlight good quality, with 2-3 good spaced modes , no side switch
  • Headlamp (AA)
  • Eneloop special edition batteries, any generation

If you have anything to swap with my stuff, just drop me a PM)

I don’t have anything to trade at the present, but had to laugh at one of your “requests.”

You’ve gone a long way from selling Eneloops to begging for them! :stuck_out_tongue:

haha... no, its just that I want to get rid of my lights,

and I really had to think hard what to trade it for... so yeah, ltd edition eneloops are welcome ;)

Why are you getting rid of your lights? I’m just curious.

Chibi I don’t suppose you’d be willing to sell your Brass AA? I don’t have anything from your “desired” list, but I wouldn’t mind buying one at a “friends and family” price :wink:

I`d like to spend more time with my family.
Not getting rid of all my lights, just the most of them. Ill keep about a handful.

All my stuff posted in the OP is for sale or trade ;)

I tnink it may be worngg

Great thread idea! :smiley:
I have a number of lights i am willing to offer open for trades. I will post a photo of them soon here.

Jetbeam BR10GT with mount or an Xtar B20 Pilot with box. Both light have less that 1 hr. runtime on them. The Jetbeam has one small ano mark.

Jetbeam BR10GT
Xtar B20 Pilot

Looking for BLF A8, TrustFire A8, Nitecore EA4 or EA41. Used, but not abused is more than fine. On the Nitecore’s I would prefer the warm emitter lights.

I do have a EA4W (neutral white) in new condition with all original packaging, (unused) but undecided it if i will include it in my lot of tradeable lights. will decide soon.

Great idea for a thread!

I will trade for ANY KIND OF HOSTS. If anyone has broken lights or lights that are useless to them but need an upgrade I’ll trade for them!

What I have to trade and for sale.

Ultrafire X8 de-domed MT-G2 Original one with the really huge pill. BLF DD FET

Jacobs A60 XP-E2 De-domed. Nanjg 2.8amp three modes no blinkies.

ZY-T08 maxed out de-domed XP-G2 S4 (extra cool white before de-dome) BLF DD FET

All kinds of custom C8’s and 502B’s Including ones that have Budget Light Forum written on the side.

A few different Sky Ray Kings all maxed out with noctigons.

Lustefire 3x huge tripple with maxed out everything

Uniquefire UF-1405 maxed out with

Uniquefire UF-V8 with XHP-50

Yezl Y3 XHP-50

BLF DD FET DRIVERS I’ll program them however you want but if you want someone’s specific code you have to ask them for permission or use one of the ones I have permission for.

18650 batteries. I have probably 100 or so really good batteries.

All of these are for sale or trade. When it comes to trades what I’m interested in is HOSTS. Broken lights, lights that you don’t use that need upgrades, that kind of thing.

Got a box of broken lights and don’t know what to do with them I’ll trade for them!

18sixfifty PM sent

I’m willing to trade my Lumintop SD75 for a monster thrower… Somewhat like the SD75. Comes with full set. I under utilised it as the spill isn’t very usable. Looking to trade with something along the lines of a a modded trj18 :slight_smile:

I consider myself lucky to have caught the sale of a EA41W offered by another member (thank you 264!). I had doubts due to its compact size but it is my current edc light and is used on a daily basis. I have a good supply of nimh aa so it was a good light for me. The 3c tint beam seemed a bit green around the edge at first but I became accustomed to it quickly. Thanks to it my next light will be a supfire m6.

I saw it come up and could not get on and post when it hit. Lucky dog!

Just an idea, but maybe we can highlight the names of the lights we have and want to trade? Otherwise it's rather difficult to go through these threads.

Both colors are from the bottom row of colors in the color pallet.

How about this:

Light Yellow for the stuff you have

Light Blue for the stuff you want

I have

Sunwayman G20C

I want

Sunwayman V11R

I think that will keep it a better overview.

Of course you don't have to follow this idea, but I think it will be very helpful.

Let’s talk :slight_smile:

It’s ok Op, I’ve not forgotten about you, we can talk too :slight_smile:

LNIB sunwayman v11r with aa extender (all boxes and accessories for zebralight sc5w or something similar)