BLFers attending the BFL NightGeocache event in Ontario ?

I am attending the geocaching BFL Night-Geocaching Event held at the Albion Hills Conservation Park on November 9th.
( BFL means “Big Freaking Light” )
Its a All Night Geocaching event held every year, where dozens of Geocachers who wenjoy cacheing at night using flashlights meet for a Buffet dinner, campfire, Flashlight fun in the back country on several Night Geocaching runs on the park. (they have Overnight camping available for the event too.)

This is the first one i am attending, and bringing along a belt full of select lights from my arsenal for the Event. Including my SRK Kung, SRK-WW, P25 Smilodon, modded Sipik SK68s, Fenix TK35, Roche F12, my custom Multi-light unit, and maybe others.

Are there any other local BLF/Geocachers who might be attending this Event ?

Are there any other local BLF/Geocachers who knew about this event before now? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know, as i got the email notification of the Event from my Geocaching account. I am definitely attending, and woudl be great to see other BLFers who are Geocachers too attend the BFL Event. ( we could show some people want real flashlights can do *lol

I would consider it but i can’t be sure yet if i am available then

Here is the link to the BFL Boot-Camp Illumin8 event info: