BLFGT4 Load of BEAM SHOTS and review!

Hi all,

This is Lumnitops attempt at a fully sustainable super thrower (its amazing).

Please let us hear your thoughts……

It’s finally here! Is there glue? I might be looking into doing an emitter reflow. Those look like 2nd gen XHP70’s; was the tint shift bad? Also, given that the light has more flood then a GT-70, how usable is it for something like walking or closer range things?

Like removing the old paint when you’re redecorating?

I’d like to see the handle packed with a few layers of cardboard separating it from the light. 8lbs of crisp edged aluminum is going to go through bubble wrap like it’s not even there when shippers throw those boxes around.

Fantastic review for what looks like an amazing light! :sunglasses:

224 degrees at the head though… wow! That’s oven temperature. Not sure I’d want to get my hand close to the head without an oven mitt on.

Amazing that you got 32,000 lumens with VTC6. I wonder if it would be even brighter on 40T.

great review Matt, im happy they got out this beast to me sustainable 25k lumens is more impressive then 100k lumens 60 seconds and then huge stepdown imo… must be insane to be able to run it for that long highest turbo… its impressive but yeah 200F cant be fun if u would touch it… user caution is adviced.

Nice review vob. :beer:

It looks like the battery carrier can be extended for at least 1cm. However, this still doesn’t allow it to accomodate 21700 cells right? I wonder if 18650 cells vary in length by that much to even need that ingenious feature. We need some 18750 cells :0

Thank you for the review Matt, impressive flashlight.

no the carrier takes also 21700 thats what makes it such a cool carrier u can have both type of cells.

Maybe there’s enough clearance in length but not in diameter.

Thanks for another great review Matt!

Maybe if you have time to play with it again: after having runnit as hot as you did, after cooling down, having left it for at least a day and put in fresh batteries, does it again do the 32,000 lumen? I expect it does because Cree leds are tough, but it could be a relevant check for damage.