I'm pretty new to the forum so hope I am posting in correct area.

I have both the BLF-GT4 and the BLF-GT94. I wasn't quite sure which would suit my need the best but since having them for a few months I actually find the BLF-GT94 to be better suited all round for what I want.

Putting side and weight aside I find them both to be pretty good and pretty much as "advertised".. UI is pretty easy to navigate and performance with Sony VTC6 Cells is Great.

The only real gripe I have is the Battery Cell Carrier......Quite a lot of stuffing around to make sure the cells are aligned properly and I have seen much better designs in other lights.

Although its only a 4 Cell Carrier, I find my Acebeam X80 to be extremely good.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or a project underway to create an "aftermarket" 8 Cell carrier thats better or even 2 x end to end 4 cell carriers?

Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated !



Interested to see the reply’s here. Love my GT94 too but the battery carrier sucks

Battery carrier is not my favorite either.

I dont exactly remember the design, but i know it was different.
It might be possible to exchange it for 2 different carriers? (Probably modded)

Wow… for a $650 USD flashlight, you’d expect the battery carrier would be very well made, and not flare up concern for the owner/user.

Why not contact Lumintop directly and inquire about this issue? Given your rather costly purchases of both BLF-GT94 ($650) and BLF-GT4 ($450), they should give you undivided attention. Also note your inquiry to a flashlight forum where others who’ve bought the GT94 also complained about the battery carrier. Maybe Lumintop can treat this as something to address with an improved design for a future release and make it available as a separate part for the earlier BLF-GT94? This is about the polar opposite of a disposable light. You invest in something like this and you keep it for many years. Lumintop should want their flagship flashlights to be flawless.

Yes it is a bit annoying, given the asking price.

However I doubt if they are going to fix it themselves anytime soon.

Considering the design it should be possible for lumintop or a good modder to offer either 2 x 4 cell carrier or redesigned 8 cell carrier with a slightly longer tube if needed.

I dont know how many were sold but it would probably be worth someones effort as it should be popular for owners that have purchased either version of the GT4 or GT94

You guys are crazy. Lol. The battery carrier is the best I’ve ever seen. Homerun Lumintop!

I’m serious, it is a super low ohm resistant design that should be adopted by others.

Just had a thought so anyone jump in with comments/feedback especially if it sounds stupid/crazy lol

The 8 x 18650 Cell Carrier is configured as 4S2P in one long Carrier.

Would it be possible to use the BLFGT Carriers instead? They are 2 separate carriers 4S1P which are directional and stack on top of each other in the extended BLFGT tube.

Which would essentially give 4S2P.

While 2 stacked BLFGT Carriers might not be as low resistance as the big 8 Cell carrier design the more practical/better physical cell will make it much quicker and easier to load/unload cells and ensure connection across all Cells.

Of have I gone off on a Tangent here ?? LoL

It’s one thing that’s made me hesitant of buying 8-cell flashlights those poor carriers. You would think that these would have significantly improved over time like many other build features but due to perhaps the low volume of these lights they don’t evolve as quick. I’d like to see machined 6-cell 21700 carrier’s that perhaps were sectioned by threads. But those plastic funky dunky chincy ones on top shelf high dollar lights was acceptable a few years ago but not today.

I think its somewhat of a challenge to get 8 x 18650’s into a tube and line up correctly.

Apart from the issues loading the carrier and ensuring proper contact is is another problem that occurs:

So just as a piece of information for anyone interested.

I contacted Lumintop who sent me out 4 x BLFGT70 Carriers.

These are the 4 Cell 4S1P Carriers that can stack on top of each other to build a 4S2P configuration.

They fit into both BLFGT4 and BLFGT94 and both work.

The Carriers are quite nicely built and Cells slot in pretty easily but firmly. All with no stuffing around very quick and easy changes of Cells now

Lights works no problems on continuous run with no step down until the Cells are almost drained (I switch of before temp gets too hot)

I dont have the gear to compare how much (if any) loss there is in the change from the standard 8 Cell Carrier......logic suggests there should be some.....but either way both Lights are now a complete pleasure and more practical to use as I no longer have to stuff around trying to get the Cells lined up anymore ! :-)

PS: Perhaps someone on here can test if there is much loss by replicating my setup?