BLFGT94 vs BLFGT4, loads of beam shots GT94 NOW AVAILABLE!

Hi all,

Here is a quick comparison of the beam plus all my test results for CD/Lumen output.

Please let us know how you think this version compares to the GT4.

I feel these GT lights need to be renamed because they are anything but budget, awesome torch but unrealistically obtainable for people like me :cry:

2,375 and 19,000: This compares very favorably with six other lights : X65, R90TS, R90C, HK90, MF05 and GT4. The closest spec cousin may be theR90C. Thanks for your very valuable review!

Another great video Matt. So tell us, how did you manage to knock out your two front teeth? Did the front forks collapse on that chinese motorcycle at a bad time? What happened?

Thanks for another great video that allowed me to vicariously enjoy a light I want and do not need but I have been saving up for one.

Also, always wondered where the Tooth Fairy was when we needed them the most as I have dealt with similar dental issues.

I will get the GT4 which is a fantastic torch but the GT94 is way out of my range, Maybe in a couple years when they come up with something crazy like the GT96 plus plus 40,000lms at 3 miles lol lol. It’s just amazing from when we did the original GT group buy at 100 to what they are costing now.

The competing item in my collection is the R90TS. The GT94 has less lumens, but more throw. Also, the GT94 is the first light to have both significantly more throw and also significantly more lumens than the X65. One source of confusion: it looks like there are three contemporaneous topic threads for the GT 94 in this forum. Tat, ves and tex.


So I watched Matt's review of the GT94 and saw his recommendation for placing the batteries into the carrier. I followed his instructions and reinserted the battery carrier. Light would not turn on. I then measured the battery carrier voltage @ 16.86 volts which looked correct. I then inspected the negative surface of the battery carrier. It had a oily film. After clean it with 99% alcohol and reinserted it, Light worked as before.

Clearly they’re just exaggerating. It’s probably no more than 950 million…

Yes, the light works properly again. No, the oily film just didn't appear. It was already there, I just didn't notice it before.

UPDATE: The threaded aluminum ring that is fitted between the battery carrier's negative surface and the negative contact surface of the circuit board was not fully tightened down.

Recommended things to do with you GT4/GT94 to guarantee that the power is getting distributed to the flashlight head properly:

  1. Insert the batteries into the carrier as recommended by Matt's review video.
  2. Clean the battery carrier's contact surfaces with 99% alcohol.
  3. Tighten the aluminum ring that is fitted between the battery carrier's negative surface and the negative contact surface of the circuit board.
  4. Clean the aluminum ring contact surface with 99% alcohol.
  5. Reinsert the battery carrier and light up your night. :D

Sure the BLF GT seems weak compared to the GT4 and GT94 but those 2 in Cool White have way excessive backscattering light for my test hence I still appreciate my BLF GT Neutral White, a lot.
I would have like the GT4 design and project to be completed earlier, maybe a few months after the BLF GT in order to give a chance to a GT34 Neutral White (4x XHP 35 HI) to exist.

I’m torn between these two amazing pieces of technology now, neither of which I need! The GT94’s price is eye watering even compared to the GT4. 1300M of throw with huge flood sounds more real-world useful, as I doubt I will be carrying binoculars in order to fully utilise the GT94’s capabilities.

Any thoughts on my dilemma?

Thanks for that! From those two frames the GT4 looks good to me, the brightness of the flood is crazy.

The two frames on post 19: Yes, the targets are already self illuminated. Also, the distance doesn’t do the GT94 justice. At two dark targets, one 750 meters away, and another target 100 meters away, the comparison would show that the GT94 puts much more light on the more distant target, but the GT4 puts much more light on the closer target. The difference between the two lights is that one light is designed to put much more light at a target much closer, and the other light is designed to put much more light on a target much more further away.

Got DHL tracking number for my GT94.

I choose to NOT watch the video, because I know how it ends.
(wannahave, wannahave, ©metoo, ©metoo, ===> big dent in budget) :cry:

Anyone aware of the Lumintop BLF GT3 on Neals website Lumintop GT3 3xXHP70.2 18000LM 1370m LED Flashlight – Nealsgadgets?

No, I was not aware, but now I am fully aware that John in Cypress, United States purchased a Lumintop LM10 Copper Brass 2800lm EDC LED Flashlight 48 minutes ago.

The design is nice, the performance must be similar to a Q8 modded with 3V XHP50.2’s.