BlitzWolf BW-ET1 (XP-L V6, 14500/AA)

BlitzWolf was kind enough to send me their BW-ET1 for review.

The light comes inside a cardboard box.
Both the light and the accessories are seated inside a laser cut foam pad.

The box includes a lanyard, a light diffuser and a couple of replacement o-rings.

The light comes with a matte black anodized coating.
A side switch is used to fully operate the light.

Its dimensions are quite compact (10.7cm).

The design of the light is pretty minimal.
You get some diamond cut grooves on the body and tail assembly, as well as some heatsink fins around the side switch.

The threads are square cut and fully anodized on the tail side.
Despite being quite thin, they are super smooth and arrived lubricated.

Here’s a closer look at the parts of the light.
The tail spring is thick while the LED+ contact makes used of brass tab.
Due to the lack of a spring on the driver side, only button tops can be used.

There is a little free spinning lanyard hole on the tail side.
I didn’t find it very useful so I went ahead and removed it afterwards.

The rear spring is held in place with a brass retainer ring.
The spring is seated on a pcb board.

On the other side of the tail, there is a small cap that gives access to the lanyard ring and the magnet.
The o-ring is just used to retain the lanyard ring, while the magnet is strong and easily supports the weight of the light.

Here’s the front assembly of the light.
The front bezel twists off and gives access to the internals.
The glass is AR coated and there is a centering ring installed over the LED.

The XP-L V6 is nicely centered and provides a warm tinted beam.

Due to the smooth reflector, the flashlight produces a defined hotspot at the wall with no visible artifacts.

Also, here’s a look at the diffuser that comes together with the flashlight.
The diffuser works nicely and provides a lantern-like spread of the light.

User Interface

The operation of the light is exclusively controlled by the side switch.
The light uses an stepless dimming mode in order to allow the user to select the desired output level.
By default it starts at 1% brightness.
Note that the mode memory resets once the battery is removed.

  • Turn On/Off: Single press
  • Stepless Dimming: Constant press of the switch.
    The light will flash one, two or three times once 1, 50 or 100% brightness is reached.
  • High mode: Double press
  • Strobe: Triple press
  • SOS: Double press once you are in Strobe mode

Tailcap Measurements

In order to take my measurements I used short DMM leads (18AWG) and an 800mAh Trustfire 14500 cell.

Brightness Level - Current
1% - 0.01
50% - 0.63
100% - 1.36

After taking a look at Cree’s datasheet it seems that the claimed 600L output is a totally viable number.



As expected, the light is significantly brighter when used with an 14500.

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Also, here’s the manufacturer’s website:

Nice review. Thank you for the info.