I made a 3.5 MS–Word page 'hopefully not rant' that I could post as a thread but would probably be better posted as a blog.

Has the owner of this site ever considered adding blog functionality to a user's account? If so, could someone please explain the infeasibility of doing so? If this will be added, I would be very appreciative as might several other members. Even just adding another sub-forum for threads with blog length first posts would be good.

You might want to consider pointing out why your post wouldn’t fit the regular thread format well and which other users, by name, have similar needs. Length isn’t really a discerning factor.

A personal blog sounds straightforward, but I think there’s a lot of work needed to implement it properly.

I wouldn’t mind reading long text entries as long as they’re properly spaced, maybe split into 2-3 posts according to topic?

The advanced post editor actually has a special button to "Paste from Word". I assume it just reads the embedded formatting from Word and translates it to proper HTML?

HKJ can do over 3400 words in one post and get over 19000 reads.

Feel free to go ahead and post it! Nobody here minds a long first post.

Ok then. I will just go ahead and post it when I get around to it.

Thanks all.

Here ya go….


@WarHawk-AVG: Nice! 8)