Blue S2+ flashlight, for guys, for your bro!

Ordered immediatly :smiley: Love the color! Would love a rainbow collection.

I believe I made that very clear in my title.

Blue S2+ flashlight, for men, for your bro! :smiley:

Had to do that since Simon clearly stated that the red one was only to be purchased for girls or “your lover” LOL

Imo a better equivalent of “girls” would be “guys”.
Blue S2+ flashlight, for guys, for your bro!
Had to mention it because, of course such things are very important. :smiley:

Actually I think a more exact opposite would be “boys” but I wanted to make it perfectly clear that this is a VERY manly flashlight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I should probably add that this flashlight should probably be kept away from girls and lovers as it is FAR too manly and may scare them.

A little more info below for anyone who hasn’t seen Simon’s store.

He adds a lot of very specific info about the available mode options, driver options, tint options etc.

Most info below is right from the S2+ page:

Optional circuit: 7135*3 / 7135*4 / 7135*6 / 7135*8

Optional LED: XML2 U2-1A / XML2 T6-3B / XML2 T6-4C / XML2 T5-5B / XML2 T4-7A

7135*3 output current 1050mA
7135*4 output current 1400mA
7135*6 output current 2100mA
7135*8 output current 2800mA

XML2 U2-1A 6500-7000K
XML2 T6-3B 5000-5200K
XML2 T6-4C 4300-4500K
XML2 T5-5B 4000-4200K
XML2 T4-7A 3000-3200K

Mode customization options:





For example, if you never need SOS and strobe choose the option (2) or (3),

7135*3 *4 *6 *8 all have these four options. Just note your choice under your order.

If you have any questions about order options just hit one of the service center links on the lower left of his page to message or email him. He usually responds within a day and he’s generous (options and shipping usually end up costing less than listed on the page) and he’s easy to work with. I live in the US (Michigan) and I’ve always gone with ePacket shipping and it’s usually free if I talk to him first and my orders average 15 days to my door.

I’ll also add this info to the OP as well as more of the pictures including the ones that compare the beam tints and a link to the light in his store. I don’t work for Simon. I’m just helping him out as he doesn’t have time to post right now.

Can’t wait to see this light at Gearbest! :wink:

Why :D? I mean, its available directly from manufacturer, why not giving all the money to those who made this light possible and GB had nothing to do to make it happen either ;)!

IMO Convoy deserve to get all the cash they can from blue S2+ sales.

Dang! I knew I shouldn’t have gone to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know if PayPal is still an option directly through Simon? was used for the M1 GroupBuy, is it the same for general purchases?

Oh for crying out loud! :expressionless: Hopefully you all realize marcl is joking. Gearbest probably sells more fake (junk) Convoys than they do real ones. Yes they got caught (several times) and they claim they won’t do it anymore. I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do but personally I will not buy from them.

I highly recommend you buy this light directly from Simon who is the owner of the Convoy brand (Shenzhen Convoy Electronics Co., Ltd.).

Here is the link to his store

i have to stop browsing this forum :~

Lumen addiction is worse than drug addiction and possibly more expensive too.

“Convoy S2+ blue Cree XML2 U2-1A EDC LED Flashlight,torch,lantern,self defense,camping light, lamp,for bicycle,gift for girl:smiley:

If you’re just checking the new posts you should go back and check out the OP. I added a bunch of pictures and info including the oh so helpful tint beam shots from Simons store. Enjoy! 8)

no need to wake up to breakfast, this is all we need in the morning :bigsmile:

a small nudging goes a long way to get this.

Well slap my a and call me Sally, then! :bigsmile:



LOL. I didn’t even notice that. I think he’s having a little fun with us. I’m going to pretend he meant to say “gift from girl” you know, with the language barrier and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: He did say he’d been very busy taking care of his daughter. I wonder how much influence she has on daddy’s flashlight company… :smiley:

Does Simon post here? Seems like a decent person. :slight_smile: