Blue S2+ flashlight, for guys, for your bro!

Edit: 01-13-16
Here is the link to buy the new deep carry clip for the S2+:

Edit: 10-15-15
Short (18350) tubes are now available on Simon’s Ali store for the blue and red S2+! $2.95 per piece with minimum of 2 but you can always contact Simon to mix and match or ask about a single.

Edit: 08-26-15
Free upgraded shipping option Simon has now made ePacket his standard free shipping.
When ordering through Aliexpress the standard free shipping option is China post which can be slow. Simon is giving us another bonus. He will throw in free ePacket shipping. In my case the charge for a single light adding ePacket shipping is $3.85. Simon says “choose China post air mail in the Aliexpress system, but note ”ePacket”under your order along with the “from BLF” note and he will upgrade the shipping for you at no additional charge.
Blue S2+ host is now available! Note: There is a minimum quantity of 2 just like the red host. If you only want 1 you could try sending Simon a message or (for US customers) you will also be able to get the Blue S2+ flashlight and host with no minimum quantity from Mountain Electronics. They don’t have them in stock yet but Richard told me they have both the lights and hosts on the way. That’s one other source where you can be certain you are getting genuine Convoy products.

Edit: 08-25-15
Simon will give a 15% discount to all BLF members on the blue S2+. 8)
From Simon: “Please just tell friends on BLF, if I see message ”from BLF” under their orders, I will adjust the amount”. Keep in mind you need to wait for him to make the adjustment. If he’s online it happens pretty fast but you may have to wait several hours for him to adjust the price. It may help to send him a message through the Ali system with your order number to speed things up.

I had to play on the title of Simon’s original post about the red one. :bigsmile:
Yes my friends it’s finally happening. I got the email from Simon tonight that the blue S2+ is ready! They will be available in his Ali store in around 2 days. Please don’t bombard him with special request just yet. I bugged him for months about making this one as I know many others here did. He sent the pictures below. I don’t know how good the lighting is so I can’t say how accurately the color is represented but I’m excited. He said he’s going to send more so I’ll add them as soon as I see them. I ordered the red one for my wife many months ago and once I had it in my hands I knew it was something unique and I wanted one for myself. Knowing Simon and anything he puts the Convoy name on it’s sure to be good. It has the same stainless switch as the red one and should come in the same gift box with the upgraded lanyard. I’ll confirm more details when I have them from him but for now here is your fist peek. Enjoy!

Edit: It’s already on his store. Apparently he meant 2 hours not 2 days!

Note: these are all non-aff links. I’m just doing this to help Simon as he doesn’t have time to post right now.

Direct link to the blue S2+

Direct link to the blue S2+ host

Direct link to the 18350 tubes

I’ll leave the original preliminary photos at the bottom but here are some of the photos from his store:

If you order the stock light you get the standard 3/5 switchable modes, Cool white XML2 U2-1A running 7135*3 at 1050mA but Simon will customize your light cheap (sometimes free :slight_smile: ) with the options listed below and it doesn’t add much time to your order. On the site he adds a lot of very specific info about the available mode options, driver options, tint options etc. I’ve added most of it here for convenience.

Most info below is right from the S2+ page:

Optional circuit: 7135*3 / 7135*4 / 7135*6 / 7135*8

Optional LED: XML2 U2-1A / XML2 T6-3B / XML2 T6-4C / XML2 T5-5B / XML2 T4-7A

7135*3 output current 1050mA
7135*4 output current 1400mA
7135*6 output current 2100mA
7135*8 output current 2800mA

XML2 U2-1A 6500-7000K
XML2 T6-3B 5000-5200K
XML2 T6-4C 4300-4500K
XML2 T5-5B 4000-4200K
XML2 T4-7A 3000-3200K

Mode customization options:

For example, if you never need SOS and strobe choose the option (2) or (3),
7135*3 *4 *6 *8 all have these four options. Just note your choice under your order.

If you have any questions about order options just hit one of the service center links on the lower left of his page to message or email him. He usually responds within a day and options and shipping usually end up costing less than listed on the page. I live in the US (Michigan) and I’ve always gone with ePacket shipping and it’s often free if I message him first and my orders average 15 days to my door.

His beamshots (shown below) of the different tint/bin options have helped me with my decisions.

The first preliminary shots:

I hope you like it as we’ve been bugging him for this one for a long time. Let’s show Simon our support and buy them all up! I’m ordering mine now! :bigsmile:

Very nice looking light. I just got a Red S2+ and was impressed. I will be following this thread for details and updates.

Thanks for sharing.

That is a sweet looking light.
I’m considering the red S2+ for my dashboard light, but maybe I’ll wait for the blue until they are widely available

Well there went my money. Gotta buy more than one, cause there’s that triple I’d want to build, and……. :smiley:


:beer: :beer: :beer:

Now everyone buy them up like hotcakes! Direct from Simon this time please…

Why is there no RSS feed or other easy notification of new lights in Simons’s store?
We are suppose to be living in the future! F5 sucks! WTH!

Can someone post a link to Simon’s Ali store ?

Now, we are not going to bug Simon, right guys? :smiley:

Shenzhen Convoy Electronics Co., Ltd.

The first pic of it is just perfect. Hope it will be the same in hand.


It’s on now:

Isn’t 6500-7000K quite warm?

6500-7000K is cold.
But Simon will customize it for us!

Sorry I get confused and had a 50-50 chance of getting it right :)!


EDIT: How do we change the options?

Looking great! But I’m really not a fan of the new lanyard. The steel hook will scratch the body and make noise… Is the switch waterproof?

  • Add up the price of the options you want. Example: for 7135*4  + XML2 T6-3B, the cost is $0.18 + $0.53  = $0.71

  • Add Simon’s $0.01 item to your cart and put a quantity of 71 (to equal $0.71).

  • During checkout you will have a chance to add a note to the seller. This is where you tell Simon what options you want. For the example I would write: Please customize  7135*4  + XML2 T6-3B  ( $0.18 + $0.53  = add $0.71 )

Quote from Simon’s Blue S2+ page

Screenshot of the “Review your Order” step in aliexpress checkout.
This shows where you tell Simon what options you want and how your cart should look with the added cost of $0.71 for the options.

But it is still a light “for girls”… :bigsmile: I think I will pass this time, I’m happy with the red one.

[Droz] We’re not gonna bug Simon!
[Crowd] We’re not gonna bug Simon!
[Droz] Lumintop has a tool!
[Crowd] Lumintop has a tool!