Bocians custom 97 typ. CRI 6,5W GU10 LED spotlight bulb 2700/3000/4000K

I wanted to present a few replacements for incandescent GU10 / MR16 LED sources based on Citizen COB type LED emitter (6th generation). CRI typical 97. The radiator is an aluminum cast (anodized) which means that the LED is in direct contact with the mass of the radiator - this has a positive effect on its thermal operating conditions.
The total active power consumed from the 230V grid is 6.5W. 160mA current powers the LED with the voltage of 37.2 V, which gives ~ 5.9W of power with which the COB diode works. Inside you will find built-in high-efficiency LED driver with a number of protections. . The total measured efficiency of driver is 90-91%. Power Factor min. 0.95. There is no possibility of dimming. Optics - textured reflector. The total emission angle is about 90 degrees.

Below is DS of Citizen COB emitter:


Please see some photos below:


The replacement fits both the luminaires holding the source behind the socket and the very popular ceiling luminaires type MR16 / GU10.

Input voltage: AC 85-277V
Power factor: pfc>0.95
Operating temperature: –20°C – +40°C
Lifetime: Up to 50,000 hours @ 25°C room temperature

Below all available color options:

2700K CRI typ. 97 luminous flux typ. 555lm – 12$ (6th generation)
3000K CRI typ. 97 luminous flux typ. 573lm – 12$ (6th generation)
4000K CRI typ. 97 luminous flux typ. 587lm – 12$ (6th generation)
4000K CRI min. 90 luminous flux typ. 634lm – 12$ (5th generation)

Shipping cost (international shipping priority registered package via Polish Post):
1-5 pcs 5$
6-8 pcs 7$
9-16 pcs 13$

PayPal payment.
Each source has a 3-year warranty from the date of sale.

Total length of the 75mm source
Diameter at the widest point of 50mm
Weight 50g

The luminous flux of LED module for the 85*C LEDs junction temperature.

For little comparison, we have a 35W halogen lamp, Osram brand LED with CRI 80 and a source with CRI 97 offered here:

35W halogen:

Citizen 3000K CRI typ. 97

Osram CRI 80

Comparison of skin color

Osram CRI 80

Citizen 3000K CRI typ. 97

Some measurement data:

Work well with 110-120V AC (even a little better PF).

Test here: Bocian Citizen COB 6 W LED spotlight bulb review (CRI97, GU10)

Where can we purchase these bulbs?