Body for T6 Drop-in

I have heard all good about this thingamagig...

But one of the tasks I'm at is getting a drop-in for my old Brinkmann Maxfire LX. But I can't find any of these that can handle RCR123s, and most of the tubes are too small. I have Surefire clones, but I guess I'd have the same voltage problem.

Any suggestions on the best body for this thing? And how well would 3 AAAs work? Could I mod a Coleman? I was just hoping to getting some of these oldies re-usable.

These are nice little drop ins for the oldies they handle 3-18 volts so you can use 2 cr123s or 2 16340s and pump out about 500 lumens, but they are only single mode. I have a couple I use for weapon lights and mini mag conversions.

If you just want to drop the Manafont drop in in something I am partial to the 504B or if you are thinking mini the 501A.

The C1 is nice if you want a clip.

Awesome info. Thanks. Any idea what kind of body is needed for this...

And what kind of output I'd have? I don't think a P60 would work, would it?

Once I get these two (t6 and sst-50), I can grab a p7 and have them all. Then I'll be satisfied for a while. lol

That's a regular P-60 so any of the P-60 hosts I listed above will work.