Body Only ...What are the best built lights you own ?

1.Edi-t T6 old light p4 emitter but beautifully built smooth ,almost too smooth ..deserves the upgrade .

2.Nitecore EX10 Has knurling like none other on the planet .perfect build , perfect beam ,perfect. needs nothing

3.Eastward J09 Great feel ..nice size ,interesting knurl texture , good little clip and a pretty beam .. great light ..(need to buy the cr123 version too and mod it to an xml)

4.BLF AA Y4E Mr. lite . great feel very pretty light feels expensive .....Needs a serious makeover ..someday ...

5. Tank 566 feels expensive , nice heft nice threads maybe too smooth to the point of being slippery. just feels tough .super budget light . I had 10 of these . 7 of them and a rubber band or two beats the hell out of a fenix 46...7q4's feels good in your hand .

6. Olight infinium It begs to be mounted on a gun. sweet build ,sleek and somewhat sexy.loosen head and it ramps up or down.super soft yellow tint with tight throw ..gun light

7,8,9. stainless steel lights from cnqualitygoods. Heavy, smooth and cold.. A different league . someday Titainium..

What are the lights that feel like art ... your best built lights ?

1- Itp A3 eos - minimum weight, minimun size, durable body, high performance in AAA class

2- UniqueFIre AA-S1 - in the AA class, the simplest, rock solid

Actually i have a XTAR A01 which isn't exactly budget. My best built budget light would be probably the UF-H3D or the MRV from manafont which i don't own anymore. THe Uniquefire HS-801 ain't bad but it does not impress me that much.

Fenix, Nitecore, MRV and SolarForce.

Wouldn't normally expect to see all budget lights here, but one of my all time favourites is a SuperFire 10W (model number) torch body. It has a plastic SMO reflector, but when run with its original Luxeon III emitter, has the most perfect beam too, perfect white, tight defined hotspot with a mid brightness corona, and then wide spill. But thats not only where it shines (oops a pun)... The mechanical design is only OK as expected with chinese budget lights, but the machining finish is just plain amazing! It actually rivals my name branded torches, infact it compares well against ALL of my torches, and most significantly, it has the SMOOTHEST threads EVER. No grinding, no crunchyness, just buttery smooth. Turning the tailcap and the head is smooth like turning a sleeve bearing, but with the buttery smooth friction from the double o-rings.

Ok, ok, ok okwchin....we believe you about the SuperFire 10W.

There's really no need to pull out a gun. Laughing

Its a TACTICAL light lol!! At least it doesnt have a tacticalripahugeholeinyourpantsandleg bezel

lolol, nothing to fear, just a bit of decorative plastic, Its the only pic I have at this time haha

Interestingly, I cant find anything like this on DX and the like. This torch was bought from a night time market on the streets in HK. Literally, all the little stalls selling all the chinese made stuff.. its like walking down a street of DX, if it could exist, except with barely any prices visible, and if you look like your a tourist (which is very easy for them to work out) the price is increased. Still ends up being the same as DX, so imagine how cheap these things really are...

Difference is that you can have a quick feel/test/see/taste of the torches in hand, instead of relying on the Excellent written descriptions.

Okwchin, You're in Australia and own a handgun???? I thought firearms were outlawed there some time ago?

Yeah, this is just a decorative plastic, non functioning one. Great for photos obviously.

It looks more like toy gun for me.

In my country with the currency worth roughly .25 usd often some DX's super deals are available at the same price and sometimes even cheaper...solder paste 50 grs packet in aluminun can 8 $ around 2 usd DX's one 3,6 usd, soldering iron with ceramic heather element from F.P 6,4 usd , here 24 $ = 6 usd...

I would have to say both of my Solarforce Skylines - Very nice finish and great tailcaps

Its great that the stuff is available cheap over where you are, keeps shipping times down (hehe), where i am, they sell the DX stuff at about 4-10 times the price... The 9 led cheap led torches are sold locally, and those got for between $5-15 each.

Body only with no regards to the emitter/driver/reflector:

Hmm, I'd have to say the following:

1.) MG P-Rocket from shiningbeam - This thing is the epitome of overbuilt. I'm quite certain after a nuclear attack, cockroaches could use this thing to light up their EOTWAWKI party.

2.) Tiablo A9 - I'm impressed every time I pick it up with the machining and tolerances that went into this. The head and tailcap twist as if on ball bearings.

3.) (almost)Anything by Maglite - Although the stock light output is anemic, the head, body and switches are a testiment to quality. From the 6D to the mini-maglite, and everything in between. Lights they made over 30 years ago are still going strong - and the design lends itself to easily change with the times. The list of lights that can tough it out day in and day out for over 3 decades is a short one indeed.

Yes it is, but no they're not - in a word!


My higher end flashlights couldn't made here yet but as far as talking for those I had my hands on, ROMISEN RC-P3 the side switch one, being my first HK flashlight stroke me with its material and machining quality. A snug fit battery tube, quality anodization even on threads, solid feeling and a dimmer but thrower beam.

The other one is a Hugby P2. The same quality as the Romisen, different battery sizes and a really strong clip.

Oh and I have my Ultrafire A10B sitting on my table now. It's threads are the easiest I have. It has a good size for a 18650 light, coated lens and easily moddable structure. I put a R5 and a 16 mode driver in it and it became a good EDC. It is even a good host for an XML (14mm star, 16-17mm driver).

Solarforce L2r, love the agressive knurling and overall build.

4sevens 123-2 and AA-2 are also very nicely built, but thay are not budget lights.

Tank007 TK-566-5. The only blemish is that it came with a loosely screwed emitter, which made it flicker. Once I tightened it down, super smooth threads, and survived a major drop on cement.

I also have good feelings about L2R. It fits well in my big hands. Has sharp bezel so you feel like you are holding a good defense weapon. It tailstands, batteries fit well. But that agressive knurling is so sharp that it hurts my hand.

There is L2p I like the size and structure. Much smaller than a fake SolarForce, can tailstand, has a nice and smooth bezel. But, battery rattles in it and it comes with a plain glass. I were expecting an AR coated one. So I replaced it with one I got from KD and I'm happy again with an XM-L drop-in in it.