Bombarded by Adware and pop ups

Can't view the forum worth a darn. Pop ups galore. My popup blocker on chrome works temporaily then hijacked by some other adware sites. I know I'm running an old program with Chrome, but for gosh sakes the bombardment by adware is killin me. Had trouble posting this. :-/ I've run Malwarebytes numerous times and had to eliminate DNS UNLOCKER malicious adwares numerous times/ Also running Avast Antivirus program. DAMN !! I know the problem is not BLF. It's a hijack on my OS.

I think its just your computer not BLF I see the same ads, no popups, maybe give it a clean with spybot search and destroy, load the adware hosts file, you could also give it a clean with malwarebytes anti malware, and adaware antivirus to clean it out.

What type of popups are you getting?

yeh, it’s just my OS. Not BLF. pop ups and others I didn’t hang around long enough to ID.

I had it all cleared up over the weekend. Now same ole crap. I think it may be time for a new O’S.

Try this

Yea, some malware creates popups from random sites you visit. Looks like it’s from the website but it’s actual source is malware hiding on your pc.

Can you reinstall windows? What OS are you on?
Nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure!

Yeh, it’s probly just my system. I’m about the oldest runnin dinosaur round here. :weary:

Not a single popup here
Firefox with adblock plus

Which OS?

And are you using the latest versions of Malwarebytes & Avast with the latest definitions?

And which version of Google Chrome?

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I’ve got Ubuntu loaded on flashdrive. May be viewing the forum through it for a while til I get this crap sorted. I’ve completely eradicated the stuff over weekend only to be hit again today. Geeshhhh…
XP and Chrome is DEAD. :smiley:

I hate to do reinstalls, but as you say its the only way to make sure, If you do go for the reinstall and after you install all your stuff just the way you like it, create a backup using acronis or something similar, so the next time its just a click away and everything is restored back to how you have set it, next load the malware hosts file from Spybot Search and destroy and keep it up to date, it blocks most of the malware sites so they cannot do a driveby download on your computer

OK, Which OS => Win XP

And are you using the latest versions of Malwarebytes & Avast with the latest definitions?

And which version of Google Chrome?

Funny how I’m able to navigate right now. Crazy. Not buggin me …Yet. :smiley:

Keengeorge, yeh, All my stuff is current and updated daily.

Mint (which is based on ubuntu) can be a little easier than ubuntu imo.

Chrome : Version 48.0.2564.116 m

Then your system has been compromised.

Time to recover from a System Image, OR reinstall.

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LOL…with me it’s any port in a storm….

Why not Chrome 49.0.2623.75?

This. It makes it so much easier for the next time you need to reinstall windows.

But unfortunately in this situation you just really need to get away from winXP. It’s not receiving security updates anymore so all the anti-virus & anti malware just isn’t enough to protect.