Hello, I need to buy one or more units of this MCPCB but can’t find it in stock in any shop

If anyone knows about any supplier for EU or have some for sale please PM me



Cutter has some.

I only found Cutter (Australia) and Mountain Electronics (USA)…
Shipping costs to EU will make you very happy…

shipping from Cutter to EU is $60…

they’re out of stock in mtnelectronics



Good luck, I have been waiting on them to show up as well.

I am also looking for them, is there a different brand or model that does four emitters in parallel on a DTP board?

Interested, don’t know if there is an alternative

Did you try posting this request into Richard’s Mountain Electronics thread? Perhaps he could get some more (or maybe he already has some on the way).

Better would be a source in Europe though…

Do you want me to buy it and ship it to you? I can ship with the cheapest option but cutter chargers $8 to ship to my house.

Cheapest option from Aus would be about $20…

Best would be a generous BLFer close to him helping a brother out with one or two of ’em! :wink:

That would be the very best! (if I had some, I would help Anton out)

Yea 15-21 dollars Aussie is the cheapest i could find.

Shipping from AUS to Spain is $60!!

Yea but if you want buy the LEDs or i can buy it and ship to my house and then reship it to you? I check its between 15-22 dollars for under 500 grams? It will save you at least half the cost. Its still expensive maybe 25 dollars total but its half the cost of shipping straight from cutter. I can probably ship it as a letter and save even more money?

Richard just posted this in his Mountain Electronics thread.

Yup, got home from softball with my kid, 2 left… loading cart and it disappeared from my cart. Just not meant to build a quad… :frowning: