Brand names of lights....

Who is coming up the brand names of lights these days? I like budget lights because I have way too many hobbies, but I have a really hard time (read:I refuse to) buy anything called a Fandyfire, Securityling, Rustu, etc.

Maybe these guys should have a thread where we come up with names and they can pick one for their next light.

Examples of names I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show my friends, sorry if they already exist and I don’t know it:

1. Aurora
2. Lumax
3. Creed (pun intended).


Well tbh, i wouldn’t show any of the brands you named to my friend & be proud of it at the same time, not that i own one of those anyway.
But the point of flashlights isn’t in their name :slight_smile:

I agree, but it couldn’t be that hard to come up with something that can be pronounced without laughing a little.

Very funny post :)

When you are buying budget light the last thing that should concern you is brand name.

You should be concerned about quality of inner parts and heat dissipation

Aurora exists as a flashlight brand...

I think China manufacturers should make more unbranded models/hosts of already existing models, and we could go to nearest engraving workshop and write the name you choose or your personal brand.

I also hate crappy fire brands engraved on decent budget light. Like they don't have imagination so they rely on famous Surefire brand and do variations on theme(ultrafire, thrustfire, fandyfire, marsfire, uniquefire, mobydickfire etc.)

Thanks! I like the idea for more unbranded lights, or they could put on easily removable stickers. I guess one could just sand off the branding but that would probably screw up the anodization.

I would like to be able to just etch on a symbol or pattern on the flat on the side of the light. Add to the mystery….

removable sticker on crappyfire brands seems like a great idea...

Sanding off just screws up anodization as you said and nothing except spraying(as temporary solution) or re anodizing will help here(I tried with birchwood casey aluminum black bluing liquid without success)

Im waiting on XXXXFire

You don’t want to whip out your “FluffyPoodle” brand flashlight in front of your friends


Exactly, lol.

I’m hoping that there is some redeeming reason for it, like “We tried and tried to get good names, but they were all copyrighted. So we went with DungLight_XFlameT%7.”

What’s better on aluminum, etching or maybe an engraving tool? Anybody here etch aluminum before?

I thought about attaching some wood.

That’s actually pretty cool, blend of old and new, plus you could burnish it with a design or initials, awesome idea!

IMHO… FandyFire makes great lights…
I have few of them, and I can say some of them are better than original.
Example: FandyFire UV S5 is better than original SRK :bigsmile:
and don’t forget… without these clones, you’ll be paying a lot of money for a decent flashlights :smiley:

I just can’t understand why you don’t want to show your new UranusFire ™ to all your friends?

I’m not knocking the lights, just the names. :slight_smile:

The trademark symbol sealed the deal on that one, I was sipping a beverage as I read it too, regretting not getting that waterproof keyboard I saw at the store the other day……

Sorry for the mess, but, its actually a “real” brand though: :slight_smile:

i think i’d just have to call it…

“Sh!tfire”, LMAO

This naming problem is seriously getting out of hand. Thanks for the link, I never would have believed it otherwise. I’m guessing there was a language issue on that one, Marsfire was too easy and Pluto is no longer relevant, and so UranusFire was born.

Still, I have to question anyone that buys one and doesn’t laugh every time they show someone the spot or more importantly the spill….

At this point it’s probably only a matter of time.