BRANDS SHOPPING WEEK on Aliexpress (Sofirn and others)


There is a price discount across different products on Aliexpress.

i.e. Sofirn New SP32A V2.0 Sale Price: US $20.62


Original NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh Sale Price: US $3.00 with some good reviews

I did not check other shops on Aliexpress.
Please feel free to add other manufacturers “BRANDS SHOPPING WEEK’s”

I’m looking at todays ( 8/23/2018 ) ad at Aliexpress , and the Sofirn SP32A ( 1550 lumens ) w/o battery is $14.29….Any codes to get it cheaper than this ???

Another craps shoot at best, many reports of lower than the 3250+mAh such cell should have when discharged at 0.5A (averaged 3270mAh in HKJ's test). Quite high fake chance, if not 100% for sure.

They still may be good or decent cells, but I don't like to buy unidentified/unknown fake products. With their legitimate wrap, I would consider them no doubt.

But each one to his own.

Anyone know if regular protected NCR18650B's work in the SP32A V2.0?

Yes, they do. That’s what I’m using.

Thanks eas!

I thought the Aneng AN870 at $22.69 was pretty good. I picked one up

HKJ review here - Test/review of DMM Aneng AN870

I think this table breaks it down better, and, it’s important to know while the C, D, and E versions have similar functions, their measurement ranges are different.

USB3.0 Flash Drive Pendrive 64GB
US $2.38

Yesterday I was seeing the price for a couple of these batteries marked as €5.82 in the banner where it now says “Shop now to save big!” along with a countdown timer for the beginning of the sale. The sale started, yet the price I see is €6.37/pair (no change). Indeed I'm saving big, by not buying. Well done morons, you decided for yourselves.

Haha, this is old like the Earth trick. Don’t get mocked. They either change price so often that you finally don’t know which is most attractive, or give discounts together with increasing price so your heart tells you can’t miss such bargain while it’s actually more expensive than befor (example above). Another story is the fact you can buy many popular items for a multiplied price (3x, 5x even seen 10x the regular price) -> this is for pals who don’t bother with a recon and hit ‘buy’ at first found result.

Yeah, buying at some Chineese stores is an art. Or… Martial art.

Shockli 21700 4000mAh 3.7V 4 pcs for 1.3$

Now that I'm here I'll say that, besides the ludicrously low priced LS21700SA (demolition level) deal jurasik1 posted, I also found a few others including another quite ludicrous one:

Gotta ask is there a coupon or any discount for Mateminco E01?

But it’s 40% off!!!