Brass 18650 XP-G2 @ fancyflashlights

Not sure if this has been posted already, I’m not really interested in 18650 lights but this caught my attention.

Emitter: CREE XP-G2 3B NW (14mmx1mm PCB)
Material: Brass
Battery: 1x Unprotection 18650 ( not included)
Current Regulation;
Current Setting: 1.4A 10025>2% ;
Modes: Lo>Mid>Hi; With mode memory
Tail Cap Click Switch; Made of brass;
Toughtened Glass lens
Tail Stand Available
Net Weight: 75 G
Size: 97mm x 21mm

This light is very intriguing, love the small size and design.

Here is the current thread on it:

I’m waiting to here some user observations.

there is a post from ric on it, I think its a gorgeous little light, it may well be my treat to myself later in the year as I’m on an xp-g2 kick and I love the look of brass.

more attention can do no harm imo

Has anyone received one of these yet? I’d love to see some comments (or maybe even review) of this :slight_smile:

Member dbare gave some positive comments here:

Nice, they are selling them for $29 now :slight_smile:

Just posted my impressions here: