Breaking News: raccoon hates getting sick!

This just in...

I hate getting sick.

I get sick a few times a year, and I can't cope with it.

I have a headache, general aches and pains, and a plugged up head.

I sneeze and sometimes cough.

Here's hoping it doesn't last too long.

Is this a case of the common man-cold?

I hate it too. My wife is a kindergarten teacher so she is constantly bringing home ‘cooties’ from those little rug rats. I’ve been lucky and haven’t contracted too many sicknesses from her but i had a wicked stomach bug that lasted over 4 weeks (giardiasis I believe, from drinking bad water).

I also spent Sunday in the ER with chest pains . That was a scare and a half. They believe it is just strained muscles in my chest wall. All tests came back good. Phew!

Oh no! I like a happy raccoon… so get well soon! :partying_face:

Get well soon coon !


A little sick is not so bad

But 2 weeks ago I had all weekend problems breathing bad but not threatening,
Monday I woke up and could barely move 7 meters to my mobile breaking down could not breath, coughing the shit out of my lungs on the floor, having pulse of like 150
managed to call the ambulance

They put me on ECG monitor and gave me some stuff to help me and my blood pressure dropped like shit, they said ohh that’s not normal, my stomach turned upside down and I had the feeling blackening out any moment

seems I have to add an emergency inhalator to my EDC and have another for daily use from now on

Although… Last time people got sick in Raccoon City… well… Things did not exactly turn out well I believe… :confounded:

I watched a movie the other day that was made in Raccoon City with lots of Zombies. Maybe its time to put the BLF Raccoon down? :cry:

I thought that was what the big injection was for :smiley:

maybe you need a different nurse…(and an alimentary tract cleansing)

Well …i living with chikkens on my house and now i never sick .

Get better soon RC :wink: :+1:

There is a cure for what you’ve got.

But it’s a secret that Drug Companies keep hidden.


You must howl and hurl rocks at the moon
And then snort the fur of a baboon
If these don’t do the trick
You were meant to be sick
I’m just kidding man , please get well soon

T virus…
Umbrella Corp has a cure, try it.

I saw the NBC Nightly News for today.

It turns out that testosterone makes cold and flu symptoms worse...

and estrogen makes those symptoms better.

So far my cold isn't too bad.

Tylenol and Sudafed are doing their job.

Get well!!

Yesterday that subject was also on dutch TV: the man-cold or the man-flu.
Testosterone makes us strong at the outside, but weakens our inner defenses.
Of course you (I - we) could take estrogen, but that makes us feel better once a year.

And make us feel worse every month.
BTW when TV-adds mention the one-week-a-month cyclus I often think:
dang, I must have missed out on her good week again!

want to try one of these?


"Seriously considering buying some illegal drugs to try to turn them back into cold medicine."