Breast feeding light

My wife hijacked my jetbeam RRT-01 to use in the middle of the night to feed our new baby. It works great due to very low level of out put.

Buy another one .
Simple .

Pretty cool feeling, isn’t it?

I just love it when my wife abducts one of my lights as her new favorite for an activity. My wife has a favorite night stand light, kitchen flash light, and going outside light. All nice lights. She keeps a couple nice ones in her purse. We cleared out her car to get it detailed recently, she had 5 lights all in different spot.

You just need light with moon and those are plenty
The Astrolux Kronos X5/6 counterparts , Thorfire VG10 Thorfire C8 etc etc.
As long as it has memory and moon it should work for her :wink:

Jack! That kinda thing is frowned upon these days. Best to just buy another flashlight instead.

Or, to enable both parent and newborn have higher nighttime levels of melatonin — and better sleep cycles — use no-blue (amber) light during evening and night.
Not everyone feels the effect, but it’s particularly strong in early childhood.

Yes this is true
We added software to PCs, tablets and phones that change to color to more red in the evening.
We all sleep much faster after using a device now then before.

I’m a little slow on the uptake but that is funny!

We should ask sb to change the forum colour! I browse this site every night before I sleep!

So do I. That’s why I installed f.lux.

Ha! Thanks for the laugh! :slight_smile:

If you notice some improvement with f.lux or ‘night shift’ (and if you’ve already eliminated other blue light (fluorescent and LED) sources,
then you’ll probably get more of what you want by simply putting a yellow filter over the computer/phone/tablet.
Rosco filter gels (theatrical and photography suppliers) work fine with both kinds of touchscreen, and you can get orange and amber and dense yellow films that eliminate the blue-to-green range entirely — block from 550nm to 400nm.\_\_on.jpg

Changing the color balance doesn’t eliminate the blue because that’s what drives the other colors — blue primary emitter under phosphors that change some of the energy to warmer fluorescent emission (LEDs are fluorescent lights, basically)

I had the RRT01 a while back, but lost it while hiking. The lowest output of any light I ever owned. It’d be awesome if a NW ever came up for a good price.

love your videos on youtube


I should send you my wife’s breast pump for review. That would be funny

I’m always looking to branch out. My wife has a nice one… it’s got that hands free attachment. She calls me when she’s pumping at work sometimes, and in the background you can hear a mechanical CHUG, chug, CHUG, chug.

I’ve been there recently, and I have to say, I’m glad those days are done! Have fun with your little one(s), and take heart that the infant stage doesn’t last forever! :slight_smile:

As people like to say on BLF…

“Pictures or it didn’t happen!!”

(Sorry, that was bad, wasn’t it?)

On a more useful note (what, me??), no matter where you are, the public schools are not going to teach your child Arithmetic very well, except by divine providence. While your wife is busy now, I would suggest that you prepare for your part in the future, by learning as many “Arithme-tricks” as you can. Math is awesome fun, but it’s out of the reach of most public-school-educated people these days unless they get some serious help with the fundamental processes of Arithmetic. Screw the “Multiplication Tables” they’ll try to make him/her recite. That actually makes the process of Multiplication much more difficult to master. From what I’ve seen working in schools, “Common Core” is even worse.

OTOH, if you make it a habit of mastering Arithmetic yourself, now, it will be that much easier to get the concepts embedded in your child’s mind so they won’t be burdened when the fun Math starts.

Don’t ask me how I know this. I will say that, it is possible to pick up the Arithmetic on your own, after “graduation”, but it’s much, much harder than starting out with it in parallel with language & social skills.