Brick led strip power supply : 12V 10A : quality ?

Hello all,

i just received a power supply , the regular plastic brick kind and it was not working from the start.

Seller is sending me another on, but i opened the faulty one and found the internals a bit scary…don’t really know why ( i’m not an electronics specialist ! ) but i wanted some advice about what i should do with the one i will receive.

It was supposed to be used with a 5730 5 meters led strip.

Here are some pictures:

Some cable are cut, and some others have really small sections, soldering seems weird….

Any comment is welcome. :glasses:

newton power is a decent oem.
but who knows what that board really is.
looks like its modded to fit into that big case.
one thing that jumps out at me is the ring cracked joints on the output rectifiers.

Yeah, sure…

It sure has been modded to look more powerful, but cables are so thin…next time i’ll just get a meanwell.

Thank you for your reply. H)

I don’t see a need for concern w/ the wire size. Output wires look as thick as other 10A bricks, maybe even thicker. Input wires are plenty for 1amp to 2amp at 120v.

I do wonder why it was repackaged… no need to add bulk to make it look “powerful” or anything. Maybe these were “destroyed” to satisfy a client… then repackaged like this in order to use them anyway? OTOH maybe they’re used 5A bricks, who knows. The same could be said for the guts inside any untested PSU though.

How much bigger is the case than the guts?

i will assume it was a generic laptop brick probably 19v 5-6a and it got modded to output 12v at higher amperage.
diddle with the tl494 reference and the current sense shunt.
its at least a decent design with the proper x and y caps,common mode chokes on the input,ect.

Ok, thank you for the answers, happy to see it’s apparently a not so bad power supply. :wink:

Here’s a picture with the case and the inside.

Hah, that is an impressive size difference.

that supply looks pretty beefy. I have a 300W 12VDC led lightbar and was looking to power it with AC from a generator (my friend’s boat) and initially bought a 300W 12VDC Chinese supply off ebay. it was a total piece of crap (I think it did 150W and it was built like shit). rather than take it back, the seller just refunded me (I don’t even know where I stored it now…). so then I bought a dell server supply refurbished off ebay and it is impressive. I did a couple mods and it supplied 22amps at 12vdc to the lightbar… this supply is supposed to be good for 40amps at 12vdc. and the thing is built very tough with components staked down like it is made to military specs//